Tableau: How An Inclusive Culture Uplifts Diverse Talent


For a company that’s all about data analysis, there is an unexpected culture of fun and creativity at Tableau, part of the Salesforce suite of products. But perhaps this culture isn’t so unexpected. In fact, part of the Tableau Mission, as stated on their website, indicates a clear goal: to liberate the natural curiosity and creative energy stored in people everywhere—energy which is often suppressed because it hasn't had a proper channel for activity. We got in touch with two Tableau teammates to hear about their experiences at this dynamic company.

First, we spoke to Ayobami Akinlaso. He’s been an account executive at Tableau for two years, and before that, he spent five years in recruitment and ad sales. “My personal values are hard work and persistence. I got into sales because I feel this industry reflects those values,” he says. “I have been self-motivated in every role since I left university. Since then, I’ve prioritized working hard to close deals that will impact my bonus and lifestyle,” he says. His impressive results speak for themselves as he consistently exceeds quota after quota. Still, in addition to his business ambitions and accomplishments, Akinlaso has also enjoyed a life of travel and fun — he spent time globetrotting before deciding to slow things down to save for a future home.

Ayobami Akinlaso

He also notes that he’s very proud of his Nigerian heritage — staying connected to it through family, friends, and music. Tableau is a place where he feels fully supported in honouring and celebrating that pride — one way being through the Equality Groups that employees are encouraged to join. Akinlaso was recently inducted into a leadership role in BOLDforce, Salesforce’s Black Organization for Leadership and Development. BOLDforce seeks to expand and empower Salesforce’s Black community by providing a platform to elevate their voices and develop their careers through a supportive network of allies across the company. This mission is powerful and a clear indicator of the commitment Salesforce and Tableau have to champion inclusion.


Next up, we met with Steven Zurheide, a 5-year veteran of sales who’s been with Tableau for just about a year and a half. Steven has had quite a multi-cultural experience throughout his life. “I grew up in Germany, moved to England around 10 years ago, and lived in Japan for a few years, where I also learned Japanese,” he told us.

Steven Zurheide

With socialising being one of his hobbies, Steven has plenty of opportunities to flex his social muscles at Tableau, as employees are encouraged to participate in events throughout the year. Whether it’s an internal event such as their Global Sales Kick-off, or outside events that may have an aspect of corporate engagement like a local Pride parade—the Tableau team believes connecting outside of day-to-day work is crucial to building meaningful connections. Steven also enjoys giving back through volunteering. While he hasn’t had an opportunity to volunteer with Tableau just yet, a strong culture of giving back will make it easy for him to get involved.

Tableau doesn’t just talk the talk. They put their mission into action every day through their commitment to their employees, to their community, and to their customers. They said it best themselves directly on their careers page, “[Working at Tableau] means that we collaborate as a team and have fun while doing it. From our growth opportunities to our cultural celebrations, to our inspiring workspaces, we make what we do a reflection of who we are.”


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