No matter where you reside, what school you attend or how successful you are, you have likely experienced discrimination based on your beautiful melanin or plain old bigotry - whether covert or in plain sight.

At the same time, the colour of our skin unites us through culture and similar shared experiences. Too often, we have focused on achieving our individual goals without acknowledging that these same goals can be aligned as a group to harness our full potential. The diligent group at BYP Network, headed by the fearless Kike Oniwinde, has created a community that fosters the successful collaboration of the diaspora globally. To say BYP has done a remarkable feat is an understatement. Bringing together the diaspora from all parts of the world and giving them a space to network, learn, grow and thrive is creating a domino effect that will ripple for years to come.

It is crucial that we take up spaces together. It is essential that we bring our respected strengths to the table and juxtapose them to create a concoction of power. Through collaboration, we stand to build ecosystems that will bridge the gaps and create new areas of wealth. Through the partnership, mentorships are formed, and practical knowledge is disseminated. Through collaboration, networking is encouraged. Getting the opportunity to interact with other leaders, movers and shakers not only provides business opportunities but gives us the chance to see that we can forge symbiotic bonds because our community is stable enough to accommodate them.

Doing it alone is never an option. For the diaspora to thrive and not merely survive, we must be cognizant that unifying our strengths is the foundation for longevity. Let us sweep away the narrative that Black people don’t support our own - not for them but for the betterment of ourselves. Let us embody the dogma of power in unity. BYP is an organization that has carved out a space and embedded itself in the global stratosphere where members of the black diaspora can begin and continue their journey of unparalleled success. 

Why do it alone when it can be done together?

It doesn’t matter the industry you are in. Once you are a Black person making strides, it is your responsibility to pay it forward. It may seem daunting, but no one is telling you to form a groundbreaking organization. Still, even within your localized space supporting a local business, giving a speech to a group of starry-eyed graduates, or dropping gems on know-it-all novices, the most minor collaboration can have a significant impact. 

If you want to continue to break barriers while empowering the Black community, then the BYP Conference is the place to be. The 2021 BYP Network Leadership Conference is an annual event focused on equipping Black professionals to become leaders in their organizations and the community to progress Black economic empowerment. This year's focus is #CollaborationIsKey and will be held over 2 days with over 60 speakers and 40 events. The historic event will continue its mandate of changing the Black narrative.

To secure your spot at the life-changing event, create your profile today!

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