Accelerating Your Career: The Importance of Workplace Mobility

What comes to mind when you think of mobility and career growth? Is it being promoted to a role of senior leadership?changing and expanding your network? Or maybe it’s ticking off some of your career development goals. The beauty of mobility is that it does not have to take place in one direction and you can define these moments for yourself. In our last online webinar ‘Accelerating Your Career: The Importance of Workplace Mobility’ Credit Suisse shared with our members the importance of using your passions to land you the perfect opportunities, consequently creating a positive change in your career. Co-chair of Credit Suisse’s BAME network Bilal Hilton-Leigh was joined by Managing Director’s Stephen Magora and Leonora Daniels who shared their career experiences alongside timely advice for our online attendees.

Bilal began by defining workplace mobility as ‘upwards and sideways career movements within your organisation, other firms and even across industries.’ providing the clear context that professionals do not have to limit mobility to their current field or establishment, but are welcome to fuel this movement in other areas and sectors as well. But how do you positively curate relationships whilst building your personal development brand? 

With over seven years of experience at Credit Suisse, Stephen Magora explained that when it comes to success, hard work is mandatory. As much as most of us are familiar with the notion of hardwork and how it is necessary to reach our desired pinnacles, Stephen would go on to explain that his competitiveness would go on to be a major attribute in his career’s success. “I have always been competitive and always wanted to be the best at what I did.” Stephen’s competitive streak would translate into resilience in the working world and he describes this as the bedrock of success-in anyone’s career “When it comes to success, it is all about your hard work, not your personality, not your network or your education.These things can help you get into certain spaces, but ultimately it is your hard work and your resilience that will speak for itself.” This does not negate the importance of your education, your network or being a person of good character, but the measures we take with the resources we have.

Building on Stephen’s point, Leonora similarly mentioned the power of hard work, whilst touching on the importance of adaptability having worked in Credit Suisse for over 23 years. 
“Success is being authentic, being yourself and not trying to be someone else. It’s about flexibility and being openly curious. Never be afraid to ask a stupid question. Be honest and allow people to trust you”

So how exactly can you make mobility work for you?

1. Assess your passions and research opportunities that align with this. Be sure to be up to date with what is happening in your chosen field and key events that could lead to opportunities.
2. Think of your personal brand. When people google you, hear your name, what do they see? What does it make them think of. Brand perception is critical, especially when building your career. For more insight as to how you can do this, click here for our webinar recap titled ‘Design your brand, design your future’
3. Find a mentor. Don’t be afraid to approach people, you will be surprised at how many people are willing to help. Mentoring is one of the most important aspects when building your career and ensuring mobility. 
4. Have your vision and stick to it. Where do you want to be in five to ten years? Think about where you want to be and allow your future vision to influence your steps of today.

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