5 Actionable Tips to Promote Your Brand and Business

Business promotion can feel like an exhausting but necessary task but how people go about promoting their business ventures can be the pivotal factor in the business being successful or not. 

Top businesses have always been ingenious in terms of spreading their appeal. Our favourite TV shows might be stopped by a memorable advertisement built to capture your attention within 30 seconds. Our timelines on apps are attacked by a spread of ads dotted in-between your news feed. Some brands we engage with have multifaceted schemes that incorporate various promotions, like a McDonald’s voucher on a ticket. 

One fact between these three briefly explained methods is the costly reality of them being put together. Successful long standing businesses have that money to play with. What of businesses hoping to establish and promote themselves without opting to spend big, or even better yet without spending at all? Here are several ways in which you can promote your business for free.

Establish an online presence

Where can we find you? What is your business about? How do you stand out between the masses? What keywords should you use, and what is the best way to keep others updated with your business? It's pretty simple but establishing an online presence is critical. In this digital age, sales are made online. Due diligence is done online. You should have a website, understand search engine optimisation and how keywords implemented on your website will direct natural traffic to your business. Set up social media accounts, keep them active and engaging. Even if it doesn’t feel so rewarding for now, making a start begins a trend your business should maintain. Be visible, become identifiable, and this will establish and maintain your presence in other people’s minds.

Collaborate with businesses, individuals/influencers you appreciate

There have been countless collaborations between businesses and individual people. While business to business transactions have always existed, social media allows individuals to benefit from some of those transactions. It is undeniable that people have become direct influences in others purchases and subscriptions to services. Sponsored posts and simply promoting through posts have become a norm. As a result, many people considered influencers, and those who simply have large social media followings, are often gifted or paid products to promote them. While this has become a marketing tactic, it should be highlighted that people would expect to be paid. Nevertheless, if you are starting your business ventures there is no harm in trying to promote through people. Find people who love your work, and where you equally appreciate their brand, build a rapport and encourage collaboration.

Ask for feedback and reviews

Like with SEO, being visible, and doing due diligence on any business or people you want to engage with, providing reviews and feedback is a form of free promotion. You want to build a great base of reviews. Even if someone is discontented with a product or service, feedback also provides a way to improve the perception of your business. Establish many ways of communication but prioritise a main few. You want to leave such an impression that brings people back, and good reviews with great methods of feedback will do just that.

Engage with your audience on all platforms

Now I am not saying overdo it and hire a social media troll to tweet meme and joke your businesses reputation into obscurity, but social media profiles invite a forever increasing base of users to appeal to. Many businesses, big or small, ancient or newly found and trendy, utilise social media platforms to build an image, add to the perception of their business’ endeavours, and humours people to their cause. They also uphold their political values and intentions, which can be detrimental but honest and commendable. Understand your audience and engage with them, their concerns, but always keep it in tune with the spirit of your brand.


Lastly, simply network. Networking isn’t just sitting on LinkedIn and adding a whole heap of people to your profile or building a fanbase of non-interactive followers. You should look at the field you are in, including your competitors and people within a similar field. For instance, if you have a clothing business, attending fashion events, following fashion designers, fashion writers and immersing yourself in the wider community would be ideal. Even networking with other businesses similar to yours, in a different sector, could allow you to mirror their growth and take inspiration differently. What you would gain is a natural understanding of your brand's place within the market and understanding your audience’s needs. This could be pivotal in helping the flow of your business’s goals, clientele, and general reach.

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