Creative consultancy channels a lot of content we become privy to. We often enjoy the fruits of such consultancy’s creative labour acknowledging the great ways of advertisement, promotion, and general appreciation of the content created. 

The Founders of Hue Creative Agency 

Whether working with a company, brand, on a film or TV show, creative consultancy is often utilised to maximise the reach of the content stemming from these fields. However, when it comes to content and general representation, Black creatives, talent and audiences are often ignored. Hue, a creative agency led by several black women business owners/founders focuses on campaigns to represent underappreciated audiences.

Having worked with the likes of HBO, WarnerBros, 20TH Century Studios, Dice, Genesis Cinema, SOAS University and many more renowned clients, Hue has carved a wonderful and important position for itself within the field. Its campaigns have included campaign marketing for shows like HBO’s Watchmen, events for films like Queen & Slim, Q&A’s with directors like Rapman on Blue Story, virtual Q+As for releases like Miss Juneteeth, and unique screenings like the ‘Siblings + Besties’ showing of Rocks, plus many more events that have spawned a new space of inspiration, interaction and opportunity for those unrepresented communities. 

We asked Hue a few questions regarding its foundations, intentions, and the importance of creative consultancy to get a clear understanding of their endeavours.

What encouraged the foundations of the Hue Agency?

We started out as a community-based film + entertainment club, delivering screenings and after-parties to our community of members. Our joint love of film, entertainment and community is what brought all 5 founders together. It was an amazing experience - still is as this arm of our business is still active, but we wanted more. We had hit a wall internally and knew it was because we wanted to grow and reach new heights. 

Along the way, we had worked with a bunch of great creatives and talent from photographers, editors, DJs, influencers and more, and we wanted to find a way to continue working with them, solidify further partnerships and flex our creative skills a bit and this is how Hue Agency was born. 

How did you start the Hue Agency and what were your intentions?

Hue Agency was born out of a creative block and a passion for wanting to work with creatives from communities often left out of major narratives. We had in-depth planning sessions about what we wanted to do and the type of business we wanted to be. Our first intention was to shake things up. We wanted to be the agency that reminded brands that the old marketing and PR model is just not fit for purpose and at the same time show them how working with us will set their projects in the right direction. 

Our other intentions were to be authentic in the way we communicate with audiences and to listen to the data. Audiences are smarter than we think, and data rarely ever lies.

What is creative consultancy and why is it an important service to provide? 

Creative consultancy according to our definition is to help shape campaigns, projects or brands into something great. No man is an island as the saying goes, and sometimes you do need outside specialist help to turn something good into something memorable and great. 

We want people to think of us as a creative think tank - come to us with pain points and we'll address and solve them, creatively. As a creative agency, we offer creative marketing services across industries and across platforms - from TV, digital, experiential and social. We also offer more personalised consultancy to brands and organisations. 

What has been the most exciting project the agency has worked on so far?

This is a tough one. In a short time, we've managed to work on a lot of projects. Two that come to mind however are the International Women's Day campaign and a social campaign for the release of Coming 2 America: Part Two. 

Being able to create and produce the official International Women's Day campaign two years in a row meant a lot to us as Female Founders. More recently, we worked on the national marketing and social campaign for the release of Coming 2 America: Part Two with Amazon Prime. We had so much fun with that campaign and the nostalgia of it all was great.

To follow the Hue Agency and the great things it gets up with check out their website and Instagram page. 

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