With the rise of social media, branding is key. From making sure your work catches the eyes of the right people,  ensuring your message is shared among various communities or simply connecting with like-minded people, branding and marketing are a necessity in the lives of the everyday professional. Read below to catch the webinar recap of Fortune Hills’s very own ‘Design Your Brand, Design Your Future.


The first thing to know is that everybody has a personal brand, but what exactly does this mean? The webinar kicked off with Vice President of Sonia Sudhakar’s take on what it means to have a personal brand. From doing her own research she explained that one's personal brand encompasses ‘a widely based perception of someone, based on their skills, values, actions and experience’ The importance of it all was that one can decide what this brand means. Decide on how you want people to see you and then be sure that your actions follow suit.

Whilst deciding on how you want to be perceived by your network’s It is important to ensure that your brand is congruent with your passions, morals and values. Be your authentic self and confident in your own character and people will notice that. Kenyatta Wilson, Chief Brand Officer of N. Brown, likened insincerity in one’s brand to that of dogs and bees being able to detect fear. ‘People can sense it if you are being disingenuous, people understand when you’re not being authentic. It behooves us all, to exist in a space where we are relatively comfortable in our own skin. Anything else will get found out.” Kenyatta’s take is very timely, as there can be the inclination to create an on-screen persona, however be confident and bold enough to know that your sincerity is what will serve as the uniqueness towards your brand.


Sometimes, leaving the safety net is what will help assist in aligning your passions. Adrian Walcott, Managing Director of Brands With Values, spoke about how taking a leap of faith is what led to the manifestation of his personal brand. After realising that there was a gap in the market concerning diversity & inclusion within the creative industry, especially among young people. Adrian created Brand With Values and has since used this platform to expand his network with like-minded people. 

Whilst image is just one of the pieces that make up the puzzle of branding, ideas and actions follow shortly after. Your ideas, understanding and contribution to your industry/community are just as important when navigating the steps of your professional, personal and social brand.

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