The exponential rise of social media has brought the hidden talents of millions of individuals to the surface. Extending beyond influencer culture in more ways than one, the idea of being a creative is changing daily as we know it. BYP’s latest webinar  ‘So, You Want to Work In Marketing’ delightfully hosted by FARFETCH, focused on how you can use your personal experiences and soft skills to land yourself a role in a top Marketing company and how inclusion is taking place within their establishment.



The world of Marketing can appear quite daunting especially when it seems that you need to have a niche or creative degree under your belt. The key speakers at FARFETCH effectively debunked such misconceptions by candidly sharing their experiences. Social Media Executive, Larissa Duarte spoke honestly about how her journey started with her sorting packages in retail, to know becoming an executive. ‘I came from personal styling and retail and it took hard work to get into marketing. Throughout my journey I just taught myself to learn. I learnt how to use things like mailchimp, a platform used for private clients. I created newsletters and sent it out to clients. Put yourself out there, it takes just one person to see your value and what you have to offer, to get your foot in the door.’ Don’t be afraid to confidently step into new spaces even if you do not know everything, proactivity sparks initiative and initiative leads to excellence.

Similarly, Creative Technologist Dwayne Paisley-Marshall spoke about his journey and how the industry of design has changed over time. ‘I’ve always been deeply passionate about online users, I wanted to UX the world! Back in the day you were either a designer or a developer. As I’ve progressed in my career I often tried to weave the two together and that’s how I stumbled into Marketing.’ With Dwayne’s experience in mind, it is important to know what your vision is and how your skills tie in. Pinpoint what are your areas of improvement whether that is soft skills or hard skills. Check out one of our previous newsletters on Upskilling & Networking here. 

When asked about what networks they have regarding Black employees, FARFETCH stated they have a black employee network, but the work does not stop there. They are actively trying to help their HR team reach out to even more Black employees. Larissa would candidly explain that her social media team is still growing concerning diversity but with more and more Black talent coming in, a fresh new outlook is provided, embedding new dimensions towards creative projects. ‘It is important to have diverse people in a fashion company and a creative company for that matter. The world is changing everyday, and Farfetch is growing everyday, we can see that there has been such a difference and we continue to look for the talent that best fits FARFETCH everyday.

To learn more about Marketing and how your personal experiences can land you your dream role, catch the rest of the FARFETCH webinar here.

To find the your dream Marketing role within FARFETCH please visit their job board here.

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