Goldman Sachs: Leading Business With Global Investment Research

What does it mean to lead business decisions, and more importantly to create substantial strategies in a successful investment banking and management firm? One of BYP’s most recent webinars ‘Leading Business with Global Investment Research’ hosted by Goldman Sachs focused on how to enter the world of investment banking, challenge oneself and thrive in a diverse environment.

The running theme of the webinar was that hard work and proactivity are essential to one's progression in Goldman Sachs. Contrary to popular belief, pending on the department you hope to specialise in (thorough research will help when it comes to deciding factors) you do not always need to be in possession of a degree pertaining to finance or other fields alike. The world is changing as we know it and with the rise of internships and grad schemes, traditional routes aren’t the only way to get your foot in the door when it comes to the world of finance. Check out this blogpost where similar advice is given in regards to starting a career in law and the common misconceptions affiliated with having a legal career. Be sure to create your own route and be proud. 

The next question is how can you be so sure that a firm such as Goldman Sachs is the environment for you? What you need more than anything else is curiosity and drive. If you have those two things you can be taught everything else. ‘There is a programme at the start of each role so you will learn regardless. On the macro side, if you want to be an economist we need you to have an Economics degree. But if you are willing to learn we will teach you the rest.’ The key takeaway? To be teachable, get feedback, build your skillset, figure out what your skills are and work hard.

American consultant Peter Drucker once said that ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ Meaning that no matter how efficient your strategic plan is, the foundation and people actually executing the plan is what matters. When asked about the culture at Goldman Sachs, the conversation veered into the mentoring and the support opportunities that are offered to existing staff members in Goldman Sachs. COO Gizelle George-Joseph, mentioned that ‘mentoring and collaboration’ are taken very seriously as senior leadership sees the growth of their staff  as a perpetual goal. “We aim to take people in the organisation and build them so that over time they can become their own analysts etc, that is the kind of culture we have here” Hearing such was indeed refreshing, as working for a firm that believes in you enough to elevate you on a personal and professional scale ensures that as you work to reach company targets, you can simultaneously reach your own. 

Naturally, the topic of Diversity & Inclusion was sure to surface and members of the panel addressed that there has been progress within the company through employee resource groups and forums alike. ‘This panel itself is a form of progress, but our aim is to be the best department that we can be, and to do this, we need to continuously seek out the best talent and that is found within diversity’

Innovation is found within diverse and forward thinking talent. Learn more about Goldman Sachs and their strategies to increase diversity through their employer page here.

To learn more ways as to how you can boost your career within the financial sector and to gain further insight into life at Goldman Sachs watch the rest of their webinar here.

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