Black Network Leaders: Creating Small Changes for Ripple Industry Effect

May 01, 2021

It is 2021, a year which BYP has dubbed one of ‘accountability.’ Corporations are now holding themselves accountable regarding diverse talent and representation within senior management. However, we have seen that in many instances, the most progressive steps to change should not always be left to the powers that be. This week, our Network Leaders session focused on what stimulates effective change and how passion and personal experiences can serve as catalysts within your institutions.  

One of the most effective ways of levelling the playing field is by connecting with like minded people and using your common ground to create a longevital strategy. The key is to not despise humble beginnings, Josh Graham, Senior Manager & Co-Lead, spoke about the emergence of the employee resource group, Deloitte Black Network and how its conception originally started off as a group on WhatsApp. “We initially just messaged and emailed people that we thought would be interested.'' He humorously shared the strategies of bold colleagues who chose more direct methods to invite members into the ERG. Some of these methods such as approaching fellow Black colleagues within Deloitte upon first sight, to tell them about the Black Network served as one of the fastest ways to draw attention to the ERG. We can see that small changes are created by using the tools that are afforded to you. We also understand that these tools do not always have to look overly professional, the systems and processes that align with your establishment will unfold as you exhibit consistency and work with intention.

David Biu, Head of Executive Search at PwC also touched on the importance of not being intimidated by the professional titles of those within senior management. His advice being that having the attention of someone in senior management is actually a good thing. As this should eventually lead to discussions and safe spaces.

Be open to new ideas, growth and the gradual interest of your fellow colleagues. Growth is not always exponential at the start, but the ripple effects that will follow are sure to create progression for yourself, professionals alike and those that will indeed follow after. The changing of the Black narrative, starts with one single step. 

To catch the rest of the webinar and to learn more inspiring ways as to how you can create a positive impact in your work establishment, click here.

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