Launching the BYP Pardna!

Apr 21, 2021



Many of us have heard about the popular model of reaching your money goals, commonly known as the Pardna, but some of you may also know it as Susu, Ajo, Tontine and many other names! 

We’ve partnered up with StepLadder to bring you our very own money Circle, exclusive to the BYP community. The aim is to empower more of our community to hit their financial goals and to start taking steps towards owning a property. Whether you are just starting out or you want to boost your savings then you are welcome to join our Circle. 

Why join our Circle? 

Build financial discipline 
By making regular payments into your Circle, we're keeping you disciplined and on track with your goals - without you even having to think about it! 
Developing strong savings habits are vital to achieving financial wellness and we can help. 

Work on your Credit Score 
Regular contributions into your Circle provide the potential to build and improve your credit score. This is something which needs to be strong to open up more financial opportunities in your future, like a mortgage - so it's never too early to get started. 

Get access to free support from the StepLadder team who can coach you through the homebuying journey. 
BYP members will get a free £25 amazon voucher when signing up.


How does it work? 



This way 90% of members have access to the total earlier than if they had saved alone. 
If you would like to work with other members of our community to hit your financial goals then visit our BYP Circle page where you can learn more about how it works and register to join the Circle. 

Important Information: Capital at risk. Not FSCS eligible. Missed or late payments may have an adverse effect on your credit score.


For any other questions about the Circles we encourage you to contact StepLadder’s membership team at or +44 (0) 333 880 1658.

Please quote BYP’s Circle.

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