BMG Partners With BYP Network to Drive Diversity Within the Company

Apr 01, 2021


In order to diversify its talent pipeline and entice Black professionals to the myriad of opportunities, international music company BMG has launched a partnership with BYP Network. Posting job adverts on BYP’s Job Board will attract and engage BYP’s network of 50,000 professionals.


Founded in 2008, BMG is both record label and music publisher in one, the first new global player in the music business of the streaming age. Named in 2020 one of the world’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, BMG’s pitch is unique – a relentless focus on fairness and transparency and service to its artist and songwriter clients. With its commitment to help artists maximize their income, BMG aims to be the best company in music to do business with.


In the wake of Blackout Tuesday, BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch announced action on three fronts to address racial inequality – driving diversity within the company, supporting and ensuring opportunities for people of color in the communities in which BMG operates, and a ground-breaking review of its historic acquired recorded music catalogs to probe for evidence of racial disadvantage.


Increasing the representation of minority and diverse groups within the company is high on the BMG agenda and they have taken steps to hard-wire diversity drivers into its HR and recruitment processes. This includes holding managers responsible for the diversity of the teams they recruit and adding this to their annual objectives.


Among other initiatives, BMG is actively redefining its expectations for racial, gender, and minority representation for each of its operations worldwide and has introduced unconscious bias training for all team members. Moreover, BMG has created a new global Diversity & Inclusion Council, which has an overview of and advises on all D&I initiatives in the company and provides a voice for the broad range of communities that make up BMG direct to executive management.


BMG is a company with service, transparency and fairness at its heart and a commitment to being the best international music company for songwriters, artists and everyone who works with them. Masuch described the implementation of new diversity measures as “an opportunity to make a long-term step-change in the way we address issues of race and inequality”.


To find out more about how you can join the team apply for a role here.



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