Destigmatising Mental Health: Dear Self, It’s Time…

Mar 28, 2021



Our team had the pleasure to discuss this important topic amongst our community on Clubhouse. We discussed the stigma behind mental health, the signs and flags of someone whose mental health may be suffering as well as the importance of getting help.

It is important to look after our wellbeing. Whether that means scheduling time for daily workouts, journaling or meditation it is important to find the time to look after yourself. Here are a few red flags to be aware of when it comes to our mental health being ignored:


  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Extremely tired 
  • Headaches 
  • Feeling numb and empty


These are the signs that are telling you to listen to your body and work on yourself. You can execute each flag one at a time by increasing communication with yourself. You can do this by journaling your thoughts and feelings in a diary or journal, this way you have somewhere to offload what is going on in your mind. The power of journaling is very freeing and safe! We need to make time for ourselves at all times even if it’s an hour of self care everyday it is something that can help us relax by creating routines such as exercise,  journaling and creating the time for internal calmness by meditating. 



Therapy is a place free of no judgement. By starting therapy you are taking a huge step in gaining back your confidence! If you feel as though you’ll like to take a smaller step before this one, you can talk to someone who has had a similar experience which may help you understand it a bit more. It is not a bad thing to seek out help from a professional! It is a good thing that you are looking for the help that is required. 


The stigma of therapy comes across as though it is for ‘mad’ people but it is not. In fact it is for those who are choosing the path of healing, choosing the path of self care and that is what our community should believe in! 


How to raise the awareness with the community


Social media has become a bitter sweet tool and has helped so many people with their businesses and helping them learn new skills. Many platforms have launched on social media and one in particular seems to standout -  Celutions UK is a well known mental health service that helps create solutions to the problems that we deal with on a daily basis. They help the community with tips and advice on how to overcome anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. They help advocate taking time out for yourself to recenter and revaluate life to help take the next steps in becoming a better version of ourselves. 


The main thing we as a community have to implement is creating a barrier between 'I need to comment on social media' vs 'I have to comment on social media.' We have to learn that not every platform on social media is a safe place for our metal health. Removing ourselves from spaces that don't serve us and ignoring the negativity helps us more than we realise. 


My Journey

Last May, I took a huge step by making the decision to go into therapy. This was not due to cliched stereotypes of being 'driven to madness' - I knew that I wanted more for me. I knew that I  needed more productivity, better focus and that it would involve addressing negative habits and uncomfortable memories. My therapist gave me weekly tasks to complete and guess what? Sometimes we don’t realise we are our own enemy. I had to figure out my triggers, my likes and what I wanted out of life. It was a revelation. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that my peace cannot be hindered and that I must always choose to protect my sanity. I will no longer place myself in uncomfortable situations for the sake of others. I tapped into the physical and emotional side of health by doing daily walks, journaling and decluttering my room.


I had to let go of what no longer served me or my purpose and make room for the next chapter in my life, joy


Cilla Ohene

CEO of Cilla Ohene: Collection of Books

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