Our Digital Future: Rearchitecting Blockchain for Inclusion

Fintech, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, all words a quick search will propel you into the fascinating world of Digital Currency. An even deeper search and you will become familiar with the emergence of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the inner workings of Blockchain and Cryptosystems. An entire digital economy and digital currency sophisticated by technology. Yves Messy a Blockchain Engineer and Architect, who specializes in Capital Markets and Insurance delivers this insightful and impactful event session; Rearchitecting Blockchain for Inclusion. A worldly and encouraging session that comes with some strong and prevailing advice from one inspired black professional to many inspiring Black professionals attending this anticipated event.

Is it true, have we missed the Fintech Wave?

The Fintech Wave heads in an upward trajectory and is not to be overlooked or bypassed as a career path or option now or in the future and this session affords one of the best spokespersons in the field to advocate and encourage Blockchain architecture. The opportunities in this industry are widespread, broad, and certainly attainable for young black professionals. Like so many other innovative sectors and industries, the conversation surrounding inclusion seems to reoccur whether it be for lack of knowledge, understanding, reach, or even exposure and so I thought this session had many noteworthy concepts to consider and take away. 
Yves gives thought-provoking ideas and explanations throughout delving into logical perspectives about how we can make Blockchain a more inclusive space. Financial technology and even digital currency can appear somewhat intimidating or complex, but I enjoyed how open and inviting Yves comes across from the offset making it an easy event to digest the valuable and exciting new information.

Blockchain technology prevails to become the future of central banking and digital economies and black professionals should begin to think about the opportunities and avenues to take advantage of and pursue, not just by placing themselves within the space but strategically embracing and not underestimating the power of socializing and networking. I relished in the thought-leading guidance delivered in this session on inspiring and encouraging education of financial technology and coding through schools and on how young Black professionals empower themselves with confidence and interest in a space that is largely underrepresented by Black professionals and demands wider inclusion.



I am more motivated after this event session to make sure that I am part of it, counted and included. 

A session that took me on a journey of discovery about a subject that I am inspired to know more about and learn. I am optimistically keen and compelled to share the many important points that came from this session with colleagues, peers, and family. The Q&A session brilliantly rounds up what was an eloquently delivered event, Yves does well to provide solid and meaningful responses to excellent questions.
There is plenty of interesting and resourceful information to take away from this event session and a wealth of valuable knowledge to gain. The time is certainly now to consider the bigger picture in the world of Blockchain and Fintech and I am more motivated after this event session to make sure that I am part of it, counted and included. 

Don't worry if you missed out - you can watch this incredible session here.

Crezeina Oates


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