Artificial Intelligence Is Advancing: Where Are We?

Mar 11, 2021



Artificial Intelligence Is Advancing: Where Are We?

A question that if you have not yet begun thinking about - you certainly will after this session! 

Renee Cummings leads this spectacular online event session delving into the advancements of Artificial Intelligence, passionately discussing the topic with a plethora of informative knowledge and experience. Her awe-inspiring background and work with Artificial Intelligence make for an extremely exciting event session, that you will want to ensure you have plenty of paper to take notes. 

The event begins with high anticipation for what has been conveyed to me as the ‘Main Stage Event that you do not want to miss a second of’ and, without a doubt, this was indeed a fact. I quite enjoyed and was amused by the exciting buzz that came from the Live chat from all the participant's moments before Renee popped on the screen from her bright New York home office desk. One of the comments read, ‘The Queen is about to speak!’ 

Having become familiar with various Artificial Intelligence references in popular places of interest to me, including social media, film, news, business, lifestyle, and more recently within the workplace, it is difficult not to have experienced some form of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life. It has certainly come a long way since the 1950s and this session provides strong insight and a refreshing look at where we are today with AI, socially and technologically. It does well to touch on the impacts the advancements of AI will have on us all. 



If knowledge is power, then knowledge and insight into Artificial Intelligence are key.

Renee Cummings boldly delivers this gripping session in which she candidly speaks with strong and powerful messages from the onset. I was amazed to discover how AI contributes to the criminal justice infrastructure in the US and to hear her impassioned account of how AI coding, design, and algorithms are designed with racial and other discriminatory programmes. I found the entire session intensely interesting, thought-provoking, and action enticing. I feel empowered and inspired by her passionate delivery. If knowledge is power, then knowledge and insight into Artificial Intelligence are key. It is not a niche or secular industry or topic that we should be ignoring as young Black professionals but an exciting and multifaceted arena in which young Black professionals are required. One of the key learnings from this inspiring event that I will take away with me to consider.

How do we code fairness? A question Renee goes on to discuss in detail, expanding on the importance of championing ethical AI and highlighting how her work in inclusion finds her bringing valuable AI interest and education in the criminal sector to more young Black professionals.  From start to finish this session packs an informative punch that will surely inspire the minds of all who watch. Preparedness for an ardent talk and digestible listening is crucial for her keen messages to resonate well. A ten out of ten session that is sure to empower many a young Black professional today. 


Don't worry if you missed out - you can watch this incredible session here.


Creziena Oates


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