BYP Founder tells ITV News she "hopes that Meghan's interview will change things for other Black women in the workplace."


Our Founder and CEO, Kike Oniwinde, recently sat down with ITV News' Charlene White and spoke candidly regarding her views on the Oprah Winfrey interview. Kike said: "As Black women, we don't want them to see us break.' She was joined by Diane Abbott, the UK’s first female Black MP, said the royal household must “face up to the reality” of institutional racism.  Echoing the idea of institutional change, Naomi Kellman Founder of Target Oxbridge, highlighted the importance of leadership and leading barrister Paula Rhone-Adrien underlined the importance of speaking out. 

Meghan’s treatment by the tabloid media has been widely criticised as racist – something that Meghan touched upon in her Oprah interview.  The death threats increased in the wake of some of the coverage, which at one point labelled her as “straight out of Compton.” 

Her perceived lack of support from the royal family also led to her increasingly fragile mental health and, ultimately, to her departure with husband Harry.  

Asked if Meghan's entry to the royal family gave her hope, Kike said she felt like she “saw this coming.” 


“We tell people before you enter a company to do your research, know it that’s a company you want to enter, speak to the people before,” she said.  

“And I feel like we kind of saw this coming, which is really sad to say. It’s heart-breaking to see a woman go through that, go through suicidal thoughts. 

“And I think what really hit me was when she said that she didn’t want them to know that she was going through that, and I think we as Black women we don’t want them to see us break.  

“You know, we ‘have to stay strong’, as they say, and she was in an institution that wasn’t for her that didn’t want her to be there.”  

Kike added she was happy that Meghan was able to “use her voice” and leave the royal family. “I think by her doing that… that’s why change will happen and change is happening,” she said.  

“You can’t silence a woman that was already outspoken, she was somebody before she married Harry, she was always someone about women’s rights so why would she now go through all of that and remain silent?” 


You can access the panel's full discussion on the race issues raised by the Meghan and Harry interview here.

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