2020 has been an exceptional year for a multitude of reasons. BYP Network has gone from strength to strength metaphorically as well as physically. In the beginning of the year, we launched our Birmingham branch, when Covid-19 hit we launched our informative Instalives so our members could cut through the rumours and know the real from industry experts. When we saw that our community was being disproportionately affected by Coronavirus, we intended to raise £10,000 for those on the front line who were most at risk. As ever, our community banded together and we managed to raise a staggering £28,000.

When we wanted to give our members equity and a seat at the table, we raised over a million dollars and put it towards expanding our team, broadening our reach and amplifying our mission. When the world looked on in dismay as our brothers and sisters were suffering in Nigeria, we created an initiative connecting youths to tangible opportunities.
Despite social gatherings being limited to six or less we held our biggest Leadership Conference yet with nearly 3000 attendees and over 70 industry thought leaders sharing their expertise and experiences. We have partnered with over 50 global organisations to provide our community with job opportunities, mentorship and first-hand industry insights. We have had over 15,000 job applications on our job board and hosted over 30 community events.
In all honesty, we don’t know what 2021 will bring but, one thing that we can promise you without a doubt is, BYP cares. We will continue to apply pressure on these antiquated systems, we will continue to push the lid of societal barriers and continue to find and implement effective solutions to the core issues our community faces.


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