Today, we want to share with you the contribution we made to the #EndSARS movement. This was an initiative we set up that is very close to our hearts. It would be a huge understatement to say that horrific brutality we witnessed in October was ‘difficult and, like many of our members, we felt helpless as the corruption unfolded.

However, BYP Network strive to be solution focused and we responded to the injustice by doing what we know best - forming connections. We provided a platform for Nigerian youths on the ground to get access to essential sim data, food allowances, counselling, job opportunities and over 350 professional connections. Hear from some of our incredible attendees:

 “I signed up to the event because I wanted to be connected with others. The crisis in my country was really troubling me and I was in need of some cheering up. I also needed financial support.”

“The event was interactive, educational and helpful. I got financial support from people I don’t know and wouldn’t have known if not for the event. Thank you BYP.”

“I signed up to the event because I wanted the opportunity to network and receive help. I received N5,000 for food and I’m so grateful to BYP Network for giving Nigerian youth a platform during this difficult period.”


Read more about the impact we made here
Remember, until Black Lives Matter everywhere, our work is not done.

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