Why is HSBC UK an Employer of Choice for Young Grads?

HSBC has partnered with BYP over the last few months to ensure young people are aware of and have equal access to HSBC graduate and internship opportunities. Whilst the partnership is still relatively new it has been incredibly rewarding already; a particular highlight was having HSBC employees talk candidly about life at HSBC and providing amazing graduate scheme application advice to our Leadership Conference attendees.


Introducing HSBC UK Graduate & Interns 

You don’t need to fit the typical banking mould to join one of HSBC’s global internships or graduate programmes. In fact, they encourage and welcome applications from students and graduates studying all disciplines who can bring wide-ranging skill sets needed for a whole variety of roles. For HSBC, a strong focus on diversity does not just make good business sense, it enables them to better serve the communities they operate within and ensure an inclusive, collaborate culture that nurtures talented individuals to realise and maximise their own potential. They believe that our differences, both neurological and physical, make us collectively smarter, adding to the diverse strengths of their teams. That’s why, at HSBC, it’s not what you studied, but about how you think and what you could do regardless of your background.


HSBC focuses more on individual’s values, strengths and potential and less on what they studied. They build their teams with people from every background and discipline of study because they believe diverse thinking helps them to understand their customers and clients better.

“We are looking for students and graduates who are collaborative and curious thinkers, with the courage to challenge the status quo and the motivation to make a positive impact for customers worldwide. No matter what your interests and skills are, a career at HSBC will give you the opportunities, experiences, networks and training you need – so there’s no limit to how far you’ll go.”

Wealth & Personal Banking Graduate Genevieve Osei-Bonsu and Digital Product Manager Olamide Sobitan share an insight into life at HSBC. Genevieve is on HSBC’s Wealth & Personal Banking Graduate Programme where Graduates have the opportunity to support customers in a huge range of ways, whether that be through serving them on the frontline in Branches or Contact Centres or supporting in the design and implementation of new products and digital platforms. As a leader at HSBC, Olamide inspires his colleagues and instils our values and culture. He has experienced first-hand the global scale of HSBC and the rewarding career which can come with that. 


Meet Genevieve

Did you have any preconceptions about HSBC and the financial services industry when you were at uni and how did these change after starting with the bank?

I always thought the financial services industry was a very scary place, one that was male dominated and filled with people who don’t look like me. I thought that to be able to step foot into the banking world you would need to know anything and everything there was about banking, finance and economics and that my IR degree wouldn’t help. Most of those assumptions changed as soon as I stepped foot into the Canary Wharf office for my assessment centre and I saw the people who actually worked for the company. I was greeted by smiley people and spoke to a grad on the scheme with English Lit background.

Genevieve Osei-Bonsu, Assistant Product Manager


How would you describe the graduate community here at HSBC?

The graduate community at HSBC has a real sense of ‘for us, by us’. There’s opportunity to get involved with different roles amongst the various stages of the graduate journey which means your experience on the graduate scheme and the events that you can get involved with are shaped and owned by your peers or even yourself! 


What have you enjoyed the most during the graduate scheme?

The fact that I get to change roles every 6 months. It’s great because I get to learn a whole other part of the business and find out what they do, how they help our customers and I have the opportunity to really add value and help out for the 6 months I am there. Each placement allows me to pick up a new skill and meet a whole heap of new people.


Meet Olamide

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

My role is to manage the digital delivery of regulatory payment initiatives on our award winning global digital platform. Typically, colleagues across the 50+ plus countries that have a regulatory ask will engage with my team and, depending on allocation, I will engage with them to understand more about the regulatory ask and how we can leverage how similar regulation has been delivered in different markets.  I enjoy the ability to deliver first to market functionalities in many countries that HSBC operates in. Prior to this role, I used to represent HSBC on a number of industry meetings & committees where I would sit with representatives of other banks to make decisions on key items that affect every banking customer in the UK.  

The global nature of my role also gives me the opportunity to learn a lot about different cultures. Working during lockdown has opened a number of personal conversations with colleagues globally around aspects of their lives which wasn’t obvious previously. This cultural understanding will help me be more inclusive how I engage in the future.

Olamide Sobitan, Digital Product Manager


What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

Diversity & Inclusion is the key to how our organisations and societies can become better. As an organisation of over 230, 000 people, our people are part of our competitive advantage. The diversity of thoughts and opportunities means that we are able to leverage different abilities and views to make greater solutions for our customers. 

An analogy a colleague shared with me is about organisations like HSBC being similar to a race track where different colleagues are like runners that are linked together, if we don’t clear obstacles( race, gender, sexuality etc.) from all the individual tracks, collectively, we will not be able to achieve the best results as an organisation and for our clients.

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

Keep going! Take all the opportunities that come your way, whether you think you can do it or not. Every opportunity will teach you something  that will contribute differently to your future success. More importantly, Get out there! Try to meet and build relationships with as many people you encounter in all aspects of your life. The bigger and more diverse your network, the more diverse learning, opportunities and experiences will come your way. 


If you’re a graduate or studying at University and this sounds like somewhere you could picture yourself, browse their current roles. And looking ahead to 2021, we hope to work with HSBC on an even larger scale by striving to obtain greater Black representation within such a high profile bank.

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