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We hope this week has been wonderfully productive and the onslaught of this lockdown hasn’t been too monotonous! A highlight for us definitely has to be the representation of an authentically Black family in the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. Representation – we love to see it! Sainsbury's has consistently put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting their Black employees and working on their diversity and inclusion policies. More of this!


Whilst, for ‘many’, this year has been a huge awakening regarding the lack of diversity on screens, in boardrooms, in the media, within government etc – the backlash the advert received is further proof that we have a long road ahead of us. Seats wont suffice, we need to create our own tables and continue to enrage these old fashioned trolls. Times are changing, tokenism is fading and diversity and inclusion are here to stay.


We are elated to be working in partnership with Condé Nast Britain and providing our members with a fantastic opportunity to enrol on their scholarship programme. Voting has also begun for our finalists in next Saturday’s Pitch Competition. Get involved and support Black owned businesses! Keep reading to discover job opportunities, sign up for our incredible events and engage with other members of our network.


Let’s press on and continue to change the Black narrative! ✊🏾






Omnicom Media Group UK: Representation, Retention, Recruitment & Development


This week OMG graced us with a guest post on our website. They wanted to share the progress being made around Diversity and Inclusion in their business. This month, they have some important developments to share which will be critical to making a long term, sustainable difference. They believe that "it is time for Action and Accountability."


Thier business centres around getting into the minds of consumers that may consider their clients’ products and services by understanding their media consumption behaviour. OMG recognise that, by having a business that actively reflects the population of Real Britain, they will have huge benefits for the culture of their agencies and the people working in them. Increasing their diversity will enable them to draw on the different life experiences and ways of thinking of individuals and manifest in positive and tangible business results for them and their clients’ businesses.


Read more about the progressive steps OMG are taking here.



Techround Bame 50


Our CEO and Founder, Kike Oniwinde, was proud to be one of the judges of the TechRound BAME 50 under 50 competition. The list of hopefuls featured several BYP members, entrepreneurs and Ousman Touray of Phioneers was managed to come second. View the full list here!


BYP Events


Facebook: Growing People In A Remote Workforce

With the onslaught of lockdown 2.0 and the monotony of working from home it can be easy to forget what a healthy work life balance is. During this rather turbulent time how do we ensure that employees are engaged and bringing their best selves to the virtual workspace?

Facebook aspires to be the most forward-leaning company on remote work at scale. They have set an ambitious target to have 50% of their workforce working remotely within the next 10 years and to operate as a “remote-first” company. In doing so, they hope to attract and retain top talent, increase diversity, and expand their geographic footprint. This tailored event will contain a wealth of gems regarding retaining talent, employee satisfaction and cultivating effective wellbeing practices.

Click here to register and enter the passcode GROW when prompted. 



Cisco: Redefining Apprenticeships


Entering the ‘working world’ may seem daunting when taking your first steps as there are a plethora of paths however, in partnership with Cisco, we have got the perfect webinar for you!

Redefining Apprenticeships showcases how Cisco are have adapted the standard work experience and have added value, so their apprentices gain meaningful experiences as well as a foot in the door.

Gain further insight into the world of Cisco by hearing from their Black apprentices as they share their experiences about the various pathways that Cisco’s degree apprenticeship offers. This exclusive webinar will provide you with further information regarding their quality programs so you can make an informed decision if Cisco is the right fit for you!

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