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Hello from OMG, UK. We wanted to share with you the progress being made around Diversity and Inclusion in our business. This month, we have some important developments to share which will be critical to making a long term, sustainable difference. We believe that it is time for Action and Accountability.

Our business is all about getting into the minds of the consumers that may consider our clients’ products and services by understanding their media consumption behaviour. We recognise that by having a business that actively reflects the population of Real Britain will have huge benefits for the culture of our agencies and the people working in them. Increasing our diversity will enable us to draw on the different life experiences and ways of thinking of individuals and manifest in positive and tangible business results for us and our clients’ businesses.



The Omnicom Group wide census in 2019 identified 8 areas of focus for diversity and inclusion. Racial equality and ethnic diversity were one of the 8 areas of focus.



We have since undertaken a rigorous approach to target setting. Diversity and Inclusion is a business critical KPI and the whole business is in the process of setting stretching representation targets for our multicultural colleagues as a percentage of our total workforce by the end of 2023.

These targets will be broken down into Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic percentages across our apprentice, graduate, junior, mid-management, senior and leadership levels within the business.  We will publish OMG UK targets for the Group and our agencies and these will be reviewed quarterly. 

Recruitment, Retention, and Development: 

We are developing a best in class recruitment process, building relationships with diverse networks of talent, reviewing our partnerships and recruitment methods and providing training for all hiring managers to ensure we conduct inclusive interviews and remove potential bias from the recruitment process. We are reviewing our processes from onboarding through to mobility and how we talent map and develop careers across the Group. By working closely with our Advisory Teams we will identify allies and develop mentoring and sponsorship programmes, championing diverse talent and an inclusive workplace. 

As we mentioned previously, we want our businesses to Reflect Real Britain and we are partnering with several platforms, one of which is BYP (Black Young Professionals). We admire the progressive work that BYP has undertaken to change the Black narrative.  Our collaborative partnership will provide us with the opportunity to candidly talk with brilliant Black talent and we sincerely look forward to being considered an employer of choice by their members.

A few weeks ago, Campaign Magazine ran a BLM Advertising Audit, where they uncovered the steps agencies had taken since committing to ‘actions not words’ on racial injustice. You can read an honest report from Omnicom Media Group UK here, highlighting the various initiatives developed so far on our journey to fulfil our commitment of creating a fully inclusive workplace.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Barack Obama



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