It’s time to expand your network - share the BYP love

Billionaires might tell you differently, but nobody succeeds alone. We are grateful to everyone that has given us chances. Now it’s our time, and our responsibility, to pay it forward.

BYP is a real grassroots organisation. Your support will enable us to extend our reach and our message. It will amplify it, unlock doors and shatter ceilings.

This is why we need you. We need you to get even more brilliant young Black people involved in BYP and make our collective voice too loud to ignore. We all know people who would be an asset to BYP. Talented individuals who could use the resources, opportunities and make meaningful connections. Let’s get them involved. 

BYP is for everyone. When we succeed, we don’t pull the ladder up behind us, we drop down as many ladders as we possibly can.

Join the movement. Invite your friends!

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