BYP Network and Founder has been featured in Forbes!

The UK has an abundance of Black talent, however, it would appear that either recruitment and talent acquisition specialists just aren’t looking in the right places, or are intentionally unwilling to spot it. Black talent is all around and readily available, yet Black talent remains markedly under-represented in the workplace, across industries, particularly at senior levels.

Kike discusses the ways in which organisations can remove barriers for Black professionals, biased recruitment processes and how organisations can access Black professionals to make talent pipelines more inclusive. Kike also delves into the relationship between inclusive recruitment and performance, in her interview with Carmen Morris, a UK based diversity and inclusion expert and Forbes Contributor.

This is a great prelude in anticipation of our Leadership Conference to be held on Friday 30th October in which revered industry thought leaders will be providing insights into leadership, accountability and ways to get ahead.

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