Warning - Forex and MLM Schemes

Sep 16, 2020

Dear BYP Members,

It has come to our attention that some users of the BYP Network platform have been contacting our members offering forex and/or investment opportunities. We are in no way affiliated with these individuals.

Our advice is

1. Please be careful if anyone on any BYP Network platform offers you any form of investment scheme or opportunity. Do all the necessary due diligence around forex or any type of investment. See the guidance below on forex in particular.


2. BYP Network has not endorsed any MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) schemes. Engaging with individuals or organisations which deal with MLM is at your own risk.

3. Breaching any of our terms and conditions could result in the immediate termination of your user account. You can find our terms and conditions here


4. If you find any user offering you an MLM or forex scheme, please take a screenshot of their username and send it to info@bypnetwork.co.uk.

Thank you


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