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It’s not a skyscraper, instead, a small and almost empty building made pretty much entirely of glass, and looks like something from the future landed there, amidst the wet and wilting greenery in Hatfield. 

It’s been like this since the Covid-19 lockdown took hold, and now the autumn has begun to set in. 

“We have offices all around the UK and internationally, from London to Kuala Lumpur and Kerpen to Cape Town,” she says smiling. “That, we are very proud of…but we have our flagship here in Hatfield.”

Lizee Butler is the Senior HR Business Partner of a business that began in a small shop in Swindon nearly 40 years ago. She described it as not short of a “UK tech success story,” when reflecting on the early days of an idea that began with just two tech-savvy people wanting to make a difference.
Now, Computacenter is considered one of the leading independent technology partners by large corporate and public sector organisations. Being trusted to help thousands of customers to source, transform and manage their technology infrastructure. Computacenter have been around long enough to see the rapid digital transformation of our time, and it has needed something special at the helm to see them through these decades. Lizee explains, “Creating and manifesting a culture where everybody can thrive is fundamental to them.”

Lizee goes further to say, “We know people work to the best of their ability when they’re comfortable and able to be themselves, and that’s the culture that we want to continue to develop. Having people with different experiences, perspectives, and ways of thinking is crucial to us as it drives innovation, helps us deliver the best service to our customers and keeps us competitive.”

But, things as we all knew it started to change when the pandemic happened, a moment I would imagine that would have scared even the most secure businesses. People, and making sure the people were okay was still a focal point for Computacenter. A “people-centric,” can-do culture is at the heart of this 39-year business; it continues to encourage collaboration with the workforce and in delivering business to customers. 
They do something bold in a “post-lockdown” era, continuing to push quality deliverance of business while ensuring job security for many. They’re continuing to grow their workforce with opportunities in the pipeline, even in the midst of a recession. 

It’s hard to look at a company like Computacenter and not see the passion that has been here over the decades, weathering every economic cycle till now, in a post-lockdown world. People – their customers – are still at the heart of what they do. They want to grow the talent already in the business, creating a new generation of leaders with autonomy and creativity at the forefront. 

Lizee continues  “We know that we win best when we win together. So, we are looking for people who understand that people matter and inspire success in others.”
I ask her that age-old question that she’s probably asked more times than she could remember: where do you see this tech business in five years?

“Feared by competitors, reliable to their partners,” she said, “and valued and respected by those that happen to find their way to us”.
“It’s the people” she adds. “They are the most important thing.” 

It’s a small, almost empty building off Hatfield Avenue, with the wilting greenery that September often brings surrounding it. There, and around the rest of the world, Computacenter is doing some pretty amazing things. 


This article was written by BYP blogger, Leah Mahon. She is a budding writer, Journalism graduate and blogger (@leah.mahon)

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