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September News + Events + New Partnership

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Hey Members,


We hope everyone's in great spirits this week! August has been a relatively quiet month for us at BYP, but we have some exciting events to look forward to in September!


During September, we have three forthcoming events alongside some amazing leaders and entrepreneurs in our community. Financial Advisor, Stephanie Ozuo will be leading a session on how to understand your career prospects, and find the best role for your skillset. The founder of Wellness Architects, Martha Curry, will be giving insight into innovative ways to work with the mind and body to support transformational change as a leader and entrepreneur. Towards the end of September, Emmanuel Asuquo will be sharing over 15 years of experience in finance, for a special session to discuss solutions to the mental and emotional things that stop us from building wealth. Be sure to register your interest further down the newsletter.


As you may know, BYP prides itself on partnerships with exciting businesses who are dedicated to promoting inclusion and diversity within their companies.  shown us their commitment to addressing the racial disparities we see within the black community and the workplace, through the launch of their 'black employee resource group' in July. This is why we are proud to announce our newest partnership, with They will be working with us to provide new opportunities on our job board, and we will be collaborating with their new dynamic black employee resource group.


Make sure you read their statement below, alongside an interview with community leaders, Anselm Obi (Senior Operations Manager) and Joy Sampson (People Development Associate). Don't forget to register your interest for our upcoming September events including London Tech Week. We also have some thought-provoking blog pieces.




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BYP In Conversation With

We are excited to announce our newest partnership, with will be working with us to provide new opportunities on our job board, and we will collaborate with their dynamic new black employee resource group.
In the 8 years since the business was founded, they have grown to 800+ employees in 13 countries worldwide, and currently process payments in over 150 currencies.
And they're just getting started. is currently offering opportunities in their Technology, Finance, Operations, Strategy, People, Product and Legal teams to help them change the world of payments. With the company’s projected growth (even in the midst of the current pandemic), the opportunities here are limitless.'s new black employee resource group launched at the end of July and aims to promote connection, exchange knowledge and create awareness of racial diversity and inclusion within the company.
We’re pleased to recommend to our network. For ambitious young professionals wishing to cultivate leadership qualities and be part of an exciting, rapidly developing industry, do check out to unlock your potential!
We sat down with Community Leaders, Anselm Obi (Senior Operations Manager) and Joy Sampson (People Development Associate) to talk about their ambitions for the community, challenges within the tech industry and the opportunities available for black talent at Click below to read the highlights of the conversation.


Click Here To Read The Full Interview


Check Out Our Job Board + Meet Our New Members

Welcome Our New Members to BYP Network!

Every week, we're sharing new members to the BYP community. To gain access, collaborate, and work together, you'll need to log in or sign up as a new user. Please learn more about our new members below:

 - Jimmy L - is a business professional based in Bristol. He is open to mentor, and mentee.

 - Ayokunle Osanyin - is an experienced professional. He is currently based in Lagos, and is available to mentor and become a mentee.

 - Amber Garret - has over three years of professional business experience. She is based in Dallas, and is available to mentor.

 - Sabrina Amanuel -  is a Senior E-commerce Operations Coordinator, and she wants to become a mentee.

 - Oladapo Oluwafunmilayo - is a recent graduate, based in Lagos. She is open to becoming a mentee.

New Roles From Snap, BYP Network, And Habito + Much More

We have a host of brand new roles across Web Development, Operations, Events, Content Production and more.

You can find nearly 100 jobs on our job board from companies like:

BYP Network:

Community Partnerships Executive

Digital Events and Content Producer

Sales Executive 

Product Analyst (Product Operations)

4 more new job roles here


Business Development Lead - Lending

2 more new job roles here 

Plus new job roles from ImpalaFacebookHabitoPink News SnapUniversity of Oxford + Much More.


London Tech Week & BYP Event

Empowering Entrepreneurs: @ London Tech Week

As the summer season closes and fears of a second wave crystallise into our new normal, it would be all too easy to allow inertia to eternize the old normal of systemic racial inequity. We must use our voices to ensure that the death of George Floyd is not without meaning. We cannot allow black and brown entrepreneurs to continue to be locked out, ignored, undervalued and underfunded.
Hear from influential speakers on how we can combat these issues together both locally and globally.
This is a full-day event which begins at 12:15, and closes with the start-up pitch competition from 7:30 to 8:30.
Click below to register your place.

Register Here

Understanding Your Career Prospects with Stephanie Ozuo
Stephanie Ozuo is a Careers Adviser and Founder of Cover My CV, an independent career development agency helping students, grads and experienced professionals land their dream jobs.
Stephanie is passionate about the inclusion and progression of black professionals in the industry. During the session, you'll learn how to write the perfect CV, covering letter, and how to tailor it. You'll learn to understand career prospects, effective job searching and the power of Linkedin.
The event begins at 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM BST on September 8th. Click below to register.

Register Here


Stepping Into Leadership with Martha Cuffy MBA

Are you the leader you are looking for? If you think the answer to this question is yes this event is for you!
A fresh look at why you feel the call to show up and lead. Why fear is normal when you decide to step up. How to keep tabs on who you need to be and are becoming. The session will be with the founder of Wellness Architects, Martha Cuffy. Her company includes innovative ways to work with the mind and body to support transformational change, as she witnesses the impact of stress and trauma of high-pressure living.

The event begins at 07:30 PM - 08:30 PM BST. Click below to register. 

Register Here

The Mindset of Money & Budgeting with Emmanuel Asuquo

This session is to discuss, outline, and provide solutions to the mental and emotional things that stop or hind us from building wealth. If these things are not controlled or planned out people tend to live above their means and end up in debt. By the end of the session, you will understand how to be in control of your money and have the foundations to start building wealth. Emmanuel Asuquo is a qualified Financial Advisor and has worked in Financial Services for over 15 years. 

The event begins at 07:30 PM - 08:45 PM BST. Click below to register.

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Where’s the Line Between Cultural Celebration and Cultural Degradation? | BYP Network

The well-known British sketch comedy show, Famalam is due to broadcast its third consecutive season on BBC Three. In anticipation of the launch, they provided a 2 minutes and 3-second clip of a comical spin-off of Jamaican Countdown, but the teaser clip sparked another type of debate amongst social media users. It comes after recent controversy where the BBC defended its use of the N-word in a news broadcast, where it later took responsibility for the “mistake,” but left a tainted image in the minds of many black BBC consumers.  
Read the full blog piece below.

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Should Black People Still Be Celebrating Firsts? | BYP Network

For the most part, we’ve celebrated and provided our commemorations in abundance at the announcement of another black person making their way it seems through the ubiquitous glass ceiling. Another win, another breakthrough, another first. And at first glance, it’s another amazing moment for black excellence, making our presence known and leaving our needed mark in a white person’s world. But, with every announcement came another side of the coin. A darker side to the good news. 

Read the full blog piece below.

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