We sat down with Checkout.com Community Leaders Anselm Obi (Senior Operations Manager) and Joy Sampson (People Development Associate) to talk about their ambitions for the community, challenges within the tech industry and the opportunities available for black talent at Checkout.com. Enjoy some highlights from our conversation below. 

Anselm and Joy, thank you so much for joining me today. Firstly, congratulations on the launch of the (Checkout.com) Black Community! What was your vision when setting it up? 

Anselm: We wanted to create a space where we can reflect, highlight wins and help each other grow, both personally and professionally. And, I think having a dedicated place where we can come together to celebrate cultural differences goes a long way in creating a sense of belonging. 

As a growing company, what do you think having diversity in your workplace means for the future of the business? 

Joy: It’s fundamental to our success! Having diversity naturally brings together new ideas and experiences, and as a tech company that’s really important in driving innovation and creativity. And as we continue to grow globally, it's even more important that we have a team that represents the places that we live and operate in. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you believe that black talent in the industry needs to overcome?

Anselm: The main thing is gaining access to opportunities. Knowing what’s out there and how to go after it is the number one challenge. That’s why mentorship programmes and providing safe spaces for knowledge sharing are so important.

Joy: I agree, we need to break the stereotype that tech is just filled with the same types of people as early as possible, so young black people don’t count themselves out of a career in tech before they even properly understand the opportunities within it.  

And do you think Checkout.com is providing these opportunities for black talent? 

Joy: We have three core values (aspire, excel, unite) and I really do believe we live out the sentiment behind our unite value - that we are greater together. Having all of our differences at Checkout.com is what creates such a successful business. 

Anselm: How we approach our values is actually one of the reasons I enjoy being part of our company - when we speak about aspire, excel, and unite - they mean something. If someone is good at what they do, no matter who they are, they will be noticed. My experience is a great example, I’ve been able to relocate from London to Dubai with the company and change roles, and I’ve always felt supported.  

Are there any other key benefits to working at Checkout.com? 

Joy: The people. I joined the business in the middle of the pandemic, while we’ve all been working from home. That has made it even more important to have really strong relationships with my team. We have such inspiring people here that it makes me want to constantly be better - you can learn something from everyone you interact with. 

Anselm: Yes, we’re definitely a really solid team. And even as we grow we’ve maintained a real focus on our people - you only need to look at the size and scope of our People Team, and our focus on culture. 

Sounds like a great place to work! What would you tell someone who is interested in a role at Checkout.com, but is sceptical about how they will fit in in the workplace?

Joy: I’d tell them to go for it. We genuinely celebrate our differences here, no one is left behind. 

Anselm: There’s no need to worry about fitting in. There is representation here, and space for different kinds of people. And having worked in a few of our global offices, I can say that our inclusive culture is definitely felt around the world. 

What kind of qualities are you looking for in your applicants at Checkout.com? 

Joy: A willingness to learn and grow - Checkout.com is the best environment for those that are eager and keen to take advantage of all the opportunities. 

Anselm: I’d say the main qualities are driven right from the very top with Guillaume Pousaz, our CEO. This company was built on humility, and it is part of our DNA. I think that’s one of the things that makes it such a great place to work - everyone is down to earth, willing to get stuck in and do good quality work.

And how has Checkout.com facilitated the personal growth of its black employees?

Joy: There is a big focus here on personal development and growth. Through our performance and development process, growth is encouraged. And as our Black Community continues to grow we’ll be able to better recognise where there are areas for improvement. 

Now my next question might be a little tricky... What do the next 10 years look like for Checkout.com?

Joy: I take care of onboarding in London and I’ve seen how quickly we have grown, even just over the past four months. In the time I’ve been here we have opened in three new locations and welcomed over 200 new joiners… I think this growth is just going to continue! 

Anselm: Globalisation will increase, we’ll keep exploring new markets and I believe we will continue to become a more diverse and inclusive place to work. In my opinion, all of this together will make us one of the top tier companies in the world. 

And finally, do you currently have positions available for those interested in joining Checkout.com?

Joy: Yes, lots across all of our functions - from technology, to finance, to marketing. Either head to our company page on the BYP Network, or go straight to our careers page to apply. 

Wonderful. Anselm, and Joy thank you so much - it was such a pleasure meeting you both!

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