Don't Be Afraid To Announce Your Successes In The Workplace

You want to advance in the workplace but in order to do that, you need to show management that you are someone that is a contributor to the bottom line of the business. 

Especially as a black professional, much of the good work that we do can get overlooked and as a result, it’s no surprise that many end up getting passed over for opportunities to advance when they arise.

We can all see how important it is for us to be advocates of ourselves in the workplace, in light of the damning evidence showing how tough it is for many black employees to get promoted to executive levels in certain companies. 

For that reason, this post is highlighting the importance of announcing your successes in the workplace.

When you do some good work at your company, get a positive review or feedback from a client, do not be afraid to let your managers know about it. Keep everything you’ve done in a file or a record so that when it’s time for your appraisal or when it’s time to negotiate a pay rise or a promotion, you can now draw on those positive things that you’ve done and show that you are truly an asset to the company.

For me personally, what helped me to leverage favour and good credit in workplaces I’ve been in in the past was my record of positive reviews that I received from clients and people that used our services. 

It motivated me to continue to work hard and achieve more because I wanted to get as many positive reviews as possible because I knew that it would help me greatly as I aimed to advance in my role in the company.

Lo and behold, it made many meetings with my manager easier as they were able to see the good work that I’d done and made them aware of. On the flip side, when issues did occur on my end, the good work that I’d done was able to be overlooked much easier as my track record had shown that I was competent enough, that my mistakes were merely one offs.

I am aware that had I not made conscious efforts to showcase my successes to my managers, that any mistakes I made, would have been seen in a much worse light because there would have been nothing positive to offset this against.

For yourself, I urge you to not be afraid to make it clear that you are a valuable piece to your company. But it's not enough to just say that, you need to be able to show them tangible reasons why. All most companies care about is their bottom line so if you can show how you positively impact this, you can put yourself in the best position to advance where you are.

Show them your results, show them what you’ve done that no one else has able to do. Show them how you have positively impacted the business. Not only will it help yourself at the company you’re at, it will give you something tangible when it comes to pitching yourself for other job roles.

Of course, there are places where it doesn’t matter how much good work you do and what you show your management that you’re doing, you simply will not be able to access higher opportunities in the company. To that I say, you deserve more and you need to be at a company that appreciates you, your talents and your skillset.

We can’t control everything in our workplaces but our own performances and if we really want to do the most we can to elevate our positions, we need to do good work and we need to let people know about it.

Written by Tonte Bo Douglas (@TalkWithTonte)

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