10 Key Players Shaping The Path For BAME Founders In Europe | EU-Startups

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to many that the European tech scene is not known for its diversity. In a 2019 report on the state of diversity and inclusion in the sector, it was found that 84% of founders identified as white/Caucasian, highlighting how the industry continues to sideline those from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. 

But while European tech has traditionally struggled with diversity, there are organisations on the continent coming together to widen the opportunities afforded to those communities. Here are some of those initiatives working to create new opportunities, provide connections, and challenge the typical narrative across Europe. 

BYP network – Described by many as the “LinkedIn for Black professionals”, the BYP network connects ambitious future, Black leaders, for networking and job opportunities. They aspire to challenge the “Black narrative” by bringing together like-minded individuals through a job board, diversity conferences, as well as an app currently downloaded in 65 countries. BYP has also worked with top companies like Spotify, Accenture and Deloitte. 


This article was written Floraidh Clement from the EU-Startups, read the full article here


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