BLK Brit Interview Our CEO and Co-Founder Kike Oniwinde


"We recently sat down with the groundbreaking, influential and most probably, one of our generations leading entrepreneurs - Kiki Oniwinde.

Having now raised over £500,000 through BYP (Black Young Professionals) Network, for black communities to have a percentage ownership of their businesses, and over £20,000 to aid both essential and key workers during a global pandemic, we needed to connect with the brains behind the company.

BYP Network has a reach of thousands of black individuals, having also worked with top companies such as Accenture and Spotify. Impressively, the number one has been featured in Evening Standard and The Times.

“With a total of £200,000 invested in to the BYP Network and backing by Sky Corporation, London Stock Exchange and Mayor’s International Business Programme - they’re only set to grow”

The interview explores the entrepreneur’s journey. Oniwinde expands on the creation of the BYP Network, their current social impact and goals, as well as her Black British identity - as she proudly states “I love our culture..I think it’s really great and I wouldn’t really change it!”

Watch the interview below:


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