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The current global conversation around systematic racism against Black communities is long overdue. Across industries and sectors, many are finally examining how they can challenge discrimination, foster greater inclusion in the workplace, and create more opportunities for Black talent.

But that doesn’t mean to say that the Black community hasn’t flourished on its own – on the contrary. Even in the notoriously white European tech sector, Black entrepreneurs have made waves across multiple industries, including beauty, agriculture, tourism and more.

Here are 10 promising Black entrepreneurs across Europe who are challenging the whiteness of the tech industry, developing successful new ventures against the odds, and creating a legacy of Black innovation on the continent.



Kike Oniwinde – Oniwinde is the founder and CEO of BYP network, an empowerment platform for ambitious Black professionals to network with one another and with corporations. Inspired by the talented Black students she met during her study abroad, the lack of diversity plus few opportunities to meet others in the city prompted the idea. Oniwinde has since won multiple awards for her entrepreneurial achievements, while in early July 2020, the BYP network also successfully surpassed its initial equity crowdfunding target on Seedrs.



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