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Weekly Roundup + Mentorship Opportunities


Hey Members,

 We hope everyone is having a good weekend! We have just over 1000 investors in our equity crowdfunding with Seedrs, at a total investment of £591,233. It's amazing to watch our pool of investors grow so rapidly in the past weeks, we hope more of our community will be part of the journey. Last Friday, BYP joined the Seedrs bitesize pitch webinar, hosted by Senior Marketing Associate, Michaela Salomon. And on Thursday, BYP hosted a special Instagram Live with Kirsty Grant from Seedrs, joining Kike to discuss,'All Things Crowdfunding'.  

In the recent episode of  'Bottom Line', Evan Davies discussed 'How To Build a Racially Diverse Business'. Kike was invited to join the conversation and made valid points about the lack of black senior role models and why BYP exists to change the narrative. 

Below, we have featured some brilliant black-owned businesses to learn more about.  BLK Britain recently launched their new website featuring their first official interview with BYP, on their recently launched website. In addition, you should learn more about, 'Increasing Black Representation (IBR)', a non-profit organisation that provides black mentorship to black university students across the UK. Finally, we also have our BYP Blog from Lildonia Lawrence discussing the important questions, such as 'how we return to normality after lockdown'.  

Make sure you learn more about the latest with BYP below. Please feel free to share our crowdfund with any friends, family, and allies. 




Seedrs Webinar Pitch & BYP Event Recap


BYP Network Pitch For Seedrs Webinar 
Last Friday, Kike Oniwinde, was invited to the Seedrs bitesize pitch webinar hosted by Senior Marketing Associate, Michaela Salomon. The webinar gave our founder the opportunity to showcase an informative presentation of our business model, from our membership subscription and corporate partnership plan, to how we hope to be a force in showcasing black professional talent across the globe.
Click here link below to watch back at the webinar last Friday





A huge thank you to everyone who watched our Instagram live last Thursday. We've received some great feedback in our comments section, and we hope everyone is much clearer on how crowdfunding works. 

If you didn't have the chance to watch the Instagram live, you can view below

Watch Here


BBC Radio 4 & BLK Britain


The Bottom Line: How To Build a Racially Diverse Business | BBC Radio 4

The Black Lives Matter protests have prompted boardroom soul-searching about how to engage a more racially diverse workforce. Good intentions have been around for decades and have encouraged much talk about removing biases from mainly white corporate cultures. However, this has still not led to the change people want, as only 1% of black CEOs are represented in Boardrooms in Britain’s top firms. 

Our founder, Kike Oniwinde joins Evan Davis alongside other guest speakers, to discuss how companies can best improve the racial disparity during the hiring process, and encourage more black CEOs.

Listen Here


BLK Britain: Exploring, Inspiring and Documenting Black Britain

Meet BLK Britain, a black-owned media platform which explores the latest fashion, music, and Black British culture news. They offer guidance to inspire you during your self-discovery journey, providing tools and opportunities to thrive in your life, all whilst keeping you updated on the latest news. Two weeks ago, Kike became their first official profile piece on the website, where she gave an introduction to herself, her journey, and her ambitions to take BYP to the next step.


The BLK Britain team aim to expand their services, so make sure you check their website below


Learn More Here


BYP Blog & Membership Opportunities


     Questions To Ask Yourself During Lockdown | Lildonia Lawrence

BYP Writer and Health & Fitness Instructor, Lildonia returns with more important questions to ask yourself as we move out of lockdown. Long gone are the days of baking banana bread, home workouts and epic Netflix marathons. We must now navigate our way around a return to some sort of normality. Lildonia breaks down the questions to consider in three areas of your life, Personal life, Work, and relationships.

Click below to read this blog

Read More Here 


IBR: Increasing Black Representation | Founded By James Russell

IBR is a non-profit organisation that provides black mentorship to black university students across the UK. They aim to help provide the visibility of successful professionals to as many students as possible. This is a great opportunity for our community members to become mentors. It would be 30 minutes of your time a month to provide guidance and advice to a student. 

If you feel this would be of interest to you, don't hesitate to sign up below 

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