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At the time of writing, we are now in a strange form of post lockdown life in the UK. Long gone are the days of baking banana bread, home workouts and epic Netflix marathons. We must now navigate our way around a return to some sort of normality. We've had longer than ever to sit in ponderance and now it's time for the action stage of the journey.


Here are some questions to ask yourself as we move forward:



For many of us our working lives were turned on its head whether it meant working from home, a change in hours/conditions or unfortunately for some being unable to work. Now that we are making a move towards professional re-entry it is important to consider our work life as a whole and think about how we want our professions to look. 


Consider these questions:

  • What did /didn't you enjoy about the way you worked during lockdown?
  • Was your work-life balance better or worse?
  • Are there any changes you’d like to make to the way you work on your return? 


Personal Enquiry:

This pandemic has shaken us to our core in many ways. During the early stages, there was an almost unanimous air of self-reflection and conversations with friends, colleagues and clients were centred around realisations that people had made. We mustn't forget about this recent awareness.

Consider these questions:

  • What did you learn about yourself during lockdown?
  • Did you have any major revelations, if so, what will you do with that insight now?
  • Have any of your values and beliefs shifted during this time?



We are social creatures and to be thrust so suddenly into isolation and aloneness was challenging for us all. Despite the difficulties, we've seen the emergence of new ways of connecting and have probably done enough zoom quizzes to last a lifetime. Now that we can link up with others in person it’s the perfect time to reflect on our relationships.


Consider these questions:

  • Who have you missed the most during this time?
  • Was there anyone you thought you’d miss but didn’t?
  • Who in your life fills you up the most? What do you they bring to you e.g. joy, companionship, support?
  • Who in your life drains you the most and why? What changes do you need to make within these relationships?


Coronavirus shocked us into questioning everything we knew and fortunately alongside the loss, pain, and anxiety of such a situation there has also been a real opportunity for growth. Although the process of self-enquiry can feel daunting it’s important to remember that on the other side is an opportunity for a newfound clarity and drive.



This article was written by BYP writer & Health & Fitness Instructor, Lildonia Lawrence 

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