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Why is “diversity” important at Facebook?


Jo Eze: Facebook is committed to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together” on our platforms. The only way that we can do this is to build a company that is reflective of the diversity of thought needed to innovate. With a diverse workforce, we will build better products and will be equipped to better serve the communities on our platforms.


And it doesn’t just stop at diversity; to build community, our people need to feel a true sense of belonging and equity of opportunity in our organisation; we’re committed to our work to continue building an inclusive experience for all people at Facebook.


What were your thoughts and feelings when applying for your first role at Facebook?



Jo Eze: I joined Facebook 2 years ago as my first transition into a Tech organisation. One of my biggest drivers for joining was because I felt that this company really walked the talk in terms of the focus on hiring great people that are geared towards a mission that is centred on doing good in the world.


At first, I felt intimidated by the brand and wondered if I would be considered for a role and also because I was pivoting from Financial Services and Professional Services instead of from a similar Tech or Media-based organisation.


I need not have feared!


My experience throughout the recruitment journey made me feel cared for and seen as a person and individual and that my value and capability as an HR professional was recognised; it also made me feel that I’d be working for a company that cares for its people.


What initiatives are important to you in terms of “paying it forward” for the employees to come in the future?


Jo Eze: We have a popular phrase at our organisation, “this journey is 1% finished”. This mantra fuels me and my work as an EMEA HR Business Partner at Facebook.

I’m excited that companywide we have put our stake in the ground to outline our commitment to diversity and inclusion at Facebook.

I am passionate about the focus Recruiters at Facebook have to find diverse talent for our company.

I’m all fired up about the work people leaders can do to lead inclusively within this organisation and positively impact the employee experience.

I’m motivated by the opportunities our employees have to build community through our employee resource groups, such as Black@ and Black Women@ to name just a couple and the mentoring programmes that we are establishing for these communities.

I’m also committed to championing the learning experiences available in our company to help people challenge the bias mindsets inherent in all of us so that we can also be better allies to one another in this organisation.


For me, the above empowers every single person to drive organisation-wide change. For me, that’s “paying it forward”.


What advice would you give to black professionals who are looking to apply for a role at Facebook?


Jo Eze: Do not be intimidated by the brand. Imposter syndrome can be a thing but it’s a thing you can put to one side. You are welcome here. We are a mission-oriented organisation – do get involved in the products and the platform and look into the mission and values of this company and see if you want to join us on this journey. If you apply for a role, do make use of Facebook Connections. This programme helps give insight into life at Facebook by connecting candidates with Facebook employees, from Facebook Resource Groups (FBRGs) and allies (aka ambassadors).



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