BYP Newsletter: BYP Network Team Update

Jul 06, 2020
BYP Network
BYP Network Team Update
To the BYP Network,
I’m Mireille. You might not know me by name but I’ve been here behind the scenes for the past two years working as BYP’s PR and Comms lead. June 2020 marks my second anniversary here at BYP and it feels fitting to be leaving with this note.
When I first joined BYP Network, it was through a phone call with its founder and CEO, Kike Oniwinde. I was on a publishing traineeship and we’d both had the experience of going through a graduate diversity-focused organisation. At the time, I was finding the work I was doing meaningless and uninspiring, so I’d started looking around for freelance jobs I could do on my lunch break and after work. Speaking to Kike ignited a passion in me that I hadn’t felt workwise in months and I felt I could channel what I really cared about into the work that BYP was doing. I joined the team working on an array of tasks from PR, social media and communications. I’d been doing unpaid writing jobs on the side and had one voluntary PR role under my belt, but I had no official experience in communications or “proper” PR. Kike took a punt on me - giving me a paid role instantly - looking not at the lack of experience I had, but the enthusiasm I could bring to the table. It wasn’t a case of what I had done, but what I could do. She saw potential.
In the two years, I have been at BYP, I have seen it grow exponentially. From Kike being named one of Stylist’s Remarkable Women of the year and on the front cover of magazines, to BYP being shouted out by the likes of Roc Nation, the achievements have been countless. I’ve seen BYP events grow from a summer party of around one hundred people to a recruitment fair with over nine hundred attendees. I’ve seen what was once a small organisation raise hundreds of thousands in pre-seed funding, and most of all, I’ve seen a community grow, build and come together to make huge social change, especially in the case of raising more than £25,000 for black at-risk key workers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But more than this. BYP has made an impact on my life. I’ve made real friends from BYP, from those I’ve worked with to those I’ve just bumped into at events and stayed in touch with since. I’ve met people who have genuinely changed the course of my life and taught me things about myself I didn’t know. I’ve met business owners and inspiring entrepreneurs who I’ve seen go on to do brilliant things. I’ve met people who have offered me freelance contracts, jobs and opportunities I would never have found otherwise. I’ve even met some who I’ve been able to offer work and opportunities too. Seeing the wins at BYP has countered many hard experiences and life events that I’ve encountered over the past couple of years.
In May of this year, after a series of various life events - both personal and external - I decided to step away from BYP. 2020 has brought enough trials and tribulations to last a lifetime and we are all healing and recovering. Part of my learning over the past few months has been knowing when I need to listen to both my mind and my body. In this time of immense trauma for the community, it’s important that we recognise when we need to slow down and take time out and offline. I’ll be handing over the reins to Kofi Yeboah-Mensah, who comes from a creative background in music journalism, radio production as well as, corporate experience in PR with communications agency Mercieca, working on accounts for brands such as Beko, General Mills, and Weetabix. I’ll be back once a month sharing my book recommendation for BYP’s Bookclub.
In the meantime, a huge thanks to all who have been part of the journey. I will always be grateful to this community and I hope that it continues to nourish and nurture us all.
BYP Events
HEALfest 2020: Navigating The New Normal 
 Join the virtual festival experience offered by HEALfest 2020 on the 27th June.
It is a non - profit organization that transforms communities and schools through social-emotional learning.
HEALfest provides interactive sessions, led by experts in the mental health and holistic wellness field, we are learning strategies for addressing and overcoming trauma, navigating the social injustices in our community.

BYP members receive 20% off at checkout, so please register if you are interested and we can send you the code!
#BlackoutDay: July 7th 2020
Join us on the 7th of July for Blackout Day. A day where people of colour come together in solidarity to not spend a penny, in order to further highlight the racially fuelled injustices towards black people.

However, we are adding a twist where instead of no spending any money, our community spends it on black initiatives, black crowdfund campaigns, donation pages and black businesses. We need our community to take this seriously and be as generous and willing to spend as possible. We will also be hosting webinars throughout the day focused on all things black community along with a page dedicated on where you can spend your money.

Sign up for your spot here.
Company Spotlight & Personal Coaching 
The Nest: The Future Of Entrepreneurial Education
The Nest is like Masterclass but for diverse founders: mobile-first, snackable modules with actionable tips from some of the world's best entrepreneurs and investors.
They have recorded 20 videos with superstars like Stacey Abrams, Rashad Robinson (CEO of Color of Change), Natalie Campbell (CEO of Belu and former innovation director to Prince Harry and Prince William), Steve Blank (the "godfather of Silicon Valley") and Sander Daniels (co-founder of Thumbtack, a Sequoia-backed unicorn that has raised $430m). We have closed deals with Oxford Entrepreneurs, Capital Enterprise and the University of East London.
Please sign up to be a beta-tester here:
Get The Antidote: Personal Transformation Coach
Have you ever felt like your career or relationship weren't going in the direction you want it to do?
Have you thought about coaching but found the cost to be a barrier?
Personal transformation coach - Simon Marquis is the founder of Get The Antidote. After many years of executive coaching within corporate settings, he is am now broadening his coaching practice to help people from all walks of life with any life goals to achieve personal transformation within the shortest time frames.
For more information or to book a complimentary 60 minute session,
please email:

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