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Leadership In A Time Of Crisis
Hey BYP,
This past week has been very busy for us, especially with the announcement of our crowdfund campaign on Seedrs. We already have over 1200 registrations and have announced an early private launch on July 3rd for all those that have pre-registered. So if you haven't yet, you can pre-register here.  
Since we started BYP Network the focus has been on leadership. Whether connecting like-minded future leaders to each other or hearing from our senior leaders at our 2019 conference, we see leadership as a priority. Having black leaders in the workplace, community, business and the world is necessary for our economic growth and role model visibility. Most of the times, we wait on other people to solve a problem, or speak up but truth is it's up to each one of us to tap into our leadership potential.  
That's why we are super excited to be partnering with Goldman Sachs on an event titled 'Leadership in a Time of Crisis'. This event is focused on what it means to be a leader in peace time verses a crisis, what roles black leaders play, how to ensure you're surrounded by the right people and how you can use your upbringing to fuel you. There will also be Q&A for you to ask them anything. We are super happy to welcome Goldman Sachs as one of our partners, a company that is known for being one of the top investment banks filled with ambitious and hard-working individuals. Back in 2012, I was fortunate to have an internship with them and I actually heard from Kene Ejikeme as he was one of the youngest Managing Directors. I found him inspiring back then, so it's almost full circle to welcome him, Kyle and Rondette as panellists of this event. 
Don't miss out!! 
Kike Oniwinde
Founder & CEO
P.s. Today's newsletter is longer than usual! 
A Statement From Facebook To The BYP Network

We cannot embark on this important partnership with the Black Young Professionals Network (BYP) without first acknowledging the collective pain being felt in the Black community right now. Facebook stands in solidarity with you as well as those who have been impacted by racial injustice and understands the concerns you’ve shared with us.

We are humbled to work with organisations like the BYP Network, who share our values to build community and our commitment to create an environment where anyone can show up and thrive by expressing their authentic self - even in the most challenging of times.

We recognise the need to do more to support equality and safety for the Black community through our platforms. And, it's clear that we also have more work to do to keep people safe and ensure our systems and policies don't amplify bias.
The recent content decisions Facebook made were based on an existing policy, and you can review Mark’s position here.

However, we understand the anger around this decision and do not condone the inflammatory language and rhetoric that President Trump used. We’ve had many open and honest conversations as a company about the painful impact of these decisions and what we can learn from them.

As a company, Facebook remains committed to taking action and evolving -- making changes to our platform that will amplify the voices of Black users, and fight systemic racism in our world. We will do this work together, taking in ideas submitted by our employees, and driven forward by external experts, Facebook Resources Groups like Black@, employee volunteers and senior leaders. To learn more, please review our 2019 Diversity Report.

For our employees, we acknowledge that everyone processes the pain from these issues differently -- and we have a range of ways we continue to support our employees, and particularly our Black community. Some of our ongoing work includes encouraging self-care and offering individual support -- including paid time off, continuing to build supportive community through our Facebook Resource Groups, taking accountability at the leadership level through inclusive action plans, and ongoing company-wide education and allyship, and the recently held “Day of Learning” to commemorate and honour Juneteenth.

In EMEA inclusion is at the heart of our growth. We are featuring 200 job postings for career opportunities at Facebook as well as facilitating direct access to educational content and authentic stories from our black employees through the BYP App. Beyond the career platform, we hosted a special webinar on June 4th in partnership with the BYP Network, where we welcomed 100+ Recruiters and HR professionals to discuss how organisations can shape the future of the workforce by attracting and retaining diverse talent. We have committed to sponsoring the BYP Leadership Conference later on in the year as well as encouraging the continuous learning and development of our Facebook employees by engaging with BYP’s program of corporate allyship events and workshops.

We care deeply about our people, culture and the communities we serve and are actively committed to creating equitable systems that embrace and support everyone.

Vicky Bourne
Recruiting Director, International

Kike Oniwinde Featured on BBC News!
When I started my business back in 2016, it was partly inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the realisation that there was a lack of black representation in corporations.
I felt like the media only represents black people in a negative way: it’s about knife crime, or it showcases us as entertainers in sports and music only.
This led to the motivation to "change the black narrative" by connecting black professionals around the globe for role model visibility, job and business opportunities and economic empowerment.
Here we are in 2020, and the same motivations still persist. There are not enough black people in senior leadership positions here in the UK, we still face prejudice, micro-aggressions, racism and closed doors.
Race is something I think about daily, mainly because my business is focused on black attainment, but also because the glaring differences of how we are treated is constant.
As a black female founder, access to investment is statistically near-impossible. In Europe, €13bn (£11.6bn) a year funding is spent on predominantly white, male founding companies to innovate the future.
This capital is barely accessible to black founders. Only 1% of companies invested in are black-owned. Only 0.2% of companies invested in have a black, female founder.
What's Been Happening At BYP?
Wondering what's been going on at BYP over the past week?
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Spotlight Members Of The Week
Each week, we're showcasing five new members in our network who you should be connecting with.
Hilary Georgia is a recent graduate based in Brighton. She is available for job roles, get in touch with her if you are able to offer her job roles
Chera Charles - Gilbert is a senior leader with over 35 years of career experience. She has a wealth of experience, make sure you add her to your network
Louisa Osei is a Business Owner based in the West Midlands. Connect with her and get in touch.
Courtney Glasgow is a recent job seeker based in London. Make sure you add her to your network, he is available for career opportunities 
Annette Bristol is a recent job seeker with over three years of career experience. Connect with her and add her to your network.
New Roles at BYP Network, Sky, and the, Young Gamer & Gamblers
We have a host of brand new roles across finance, pharmaceuticals, engineering, marketing, product management and more. Whether you're looking for a volunteer role during the lockdown, seeking a graduate traineeship or want a change of career, our job board has everything you need.
The following companies have vacancies, apply via the links below!
Nationwide Building Society:
Citizens Advice:

Equality and Human Rights Commission:
Facilities Manager

Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust:
BYP Network:
Huddersfield Student Union:
For more job roles, see our job board here.
BYP Crowdfund Pre-registration
We are raising £500,000 on July 7th, Black Out Day, as part of our wider £2 million raise. We have over 1000 people registered for our private launch, so DO NOT MISS OUT!

When you invest, you are purchasing shares in the business. If our business performs well, the value of those shares may rise. You can invest from as little as £10 through our Seedrs campaign, and you'll become a beneficial shareholder of BYP Network.

The future is ours for the taking - join us!

BYP Blackout Day Webinar July 7th
On July 7th, we turn our attention to the global Blackout Day event. Everyone across the world is encouraged to not spend any money for a full day, in solidarity against police brutality and racism towards black people.
However, as previously mentioned, We are adding a twist to Blackout Day. We will be hosting webinars throughout the day focused on 'supporting black-owned'. We will be collaborating with UKBBS, Lendoe, Guap, Refined Currency, Supa Network, and Byooti to host a series of webinars that will empower and educate our community.
This Week's BYP Blog & Event
How To Look After Your Mental Health During The Black Lives Matter Movement | Lildonia Lawrence
BYP blogger, Lildonia takes time to reflect as she offers her 4 golden tips to improve your mental health throughout these stressful times within the black community.
Lildonia's stresses the importance of being kind to yourself. Taking time to reflect and turn off from the negative news is needed sometimes. Connecting with members of your family or close friends can provide a nice change from being on social media. 
TTC Hackathon - Making Organisations Inclusive for Black Employees
TTC Hackathon - Making Organisations Inclusive for Black Employees

We are super excited to invite you to participate in the TTC Virtual Hackathon taking place over three weeks in July.

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) and Spinks, Sponsors of our Open Playbook are pleased to stage their second virtual hackathon. This event is open to subject matter experts keen to contribute to the TTC's open-source resource for all organisations.

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