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In celebration of Black Out Day, taking place on July 7th, we have dedicated this newsletter to all the events you can enjoy on that day (and beyond). The Black Out Day webinars are in collaboration with: UKBBSLendoeGuapRefined Currency, Supa Network, and Byooti. Also taking place on Black Out Day, is the official public launch of the BYP Network Crowdfunding Campaign. In just 48 hours we have hit nearly £400,000 out of our £500,000 target!! For those of you that want to invest early (so you don't miss out) check it out here.
Events Special
July 16th: BYP X Goldman Sachs - 'Leadership in a Time of Crisis' 
From the pandemic to black lives matter, leaders are needed now more than ever. Learn from senior executives at Goldman Sachs about what leadership looks like in a time of crisis and what it takes for you to step up to the challenge. 
This event is focused on what it means to be a leader in peace time verses a crisis, what roles black leaders play, how to ensure you're surrounded by the right people and how you can use your upbringing to fuel you. There will also be Q&A for you to ask them anything.
(12pm - 1pm) Black Empowerment: Why Entrepreneurship is important (Sponsored by UKBBS)
To begin the start of our full day of webinars, the UK Black Business Show will be sponsoring the first webinar - Why entrepreneurship is important?
With a lack of inspiring black role models portrayed in Brtish media, UKBBS have sought to empower black people in showcasing a range of inspiring black entrepreneurs through their live events. They also allow black-owned businesses to display their work to industry professionals, and network with other like-minded individuals.
(1.15pm - 2.15pm) Black Economy: How to circulate the black pound within the community (Sponsored by BYP)
The second webinar of the day will be hosted by BYP Network, where we will be offering insights of how the black community can invest in each other, and support other black-owned businesses given our £1bn spending power. 
Kike Oniwinde will be joined by Chenelle Ansah, Head of Cornerstone Partners Angel Investment Syndicate, Andy Davis, Angel Investor with Atomico and Founder of 10×10, Khalia Ismain, founder of jamii and Masibu Manima, founder of Translate Culture (TC).
(2.30pm - 3.30pm) Black Wall Street: The Power of Business Finance (Sponsored by Lendoe)
The third webinar of the day will be sponsored by Lendoe. They are the first lender to support black, early-stage and ethnic minority entrepreneurs after noticing the lack of lending opportunities for black and ethnic minority groups.
Demi Ariyo will be joined by Tom ayedoola, Founder of METAIL, Charmaine Hayden, Managing Partner at Good Soil VC, Ezechi Britton, Co-Founder of Code Untapped, Lauren mathurin., Founder of Insight Money Management & Vice President at Silicon Valley Bank.
(3.45pm - 4.45pm) Black-Owned Media: Owning Our Narrative (Sponsored by Guap)
Owning our narrative is an important part of being able to change the black narrative to news of positivity and inspiration. Our fourth webinar will be sponsored by the world’s first video magazine, Guap.
Join Samuel Eni, represent radio host, tv presenter and intervieiwer, Ibrahim Kamara founder and creative director of GUAP magazine, Audrey Solva, Founder and CEO of Black Creatives Matter & Ola Christian. Social Entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Levile tv & Levile production. 
(5pm - 6pm) The Black Pound: Building Generational Wealth (Sponsored by Refined Currency) 
The fifth webinar of the day will be sponsored by Refined currency founded by Bola Sol. She is joined by Abiola, the Founder of the award-winning money blog, Active Budgeter & Wale Idris is an Investment Banker who studied Accounting & Finance (BSc) as well as Investment & Finance (MSc). 
Building generational wealth will be the focus of the discussion, as creating enough wealth for your families’ future can be the most difficult step in growing your finance.
(6.15pm - 7.15pm) Black Education: Closing The Skills Gap In The Black Community (Sponsored by Supa Network)
The move towards an ever-evolving digitised and tech-fuelled future has brought up many questions surrounding education in the black community. Join Supa network and guest panellists as we talk about reimagining black education.
We’ll be touching on educational inequality, the digital skills gap, and how we can better prepare the black community to enter the labour market.
(7.30pm - 8.30pm) Black Beauty: Why We Need Our Own Paks? (Sponsored by Byooti)
The final webinar of the day will be sponsored by black beauty marketplace, Byooti. Byooti is a marketplace designed for black people and owned by black people.
This panel is focused on why it is necessary for the black community to own and shop at black hair shops owned by black people. 

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