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Hey BYP Network,
Over the past few weeks, we've been hosting a series of online events from Instagram Lives, YouTube Meet & Greets and webinars. We're excited to share that, over the course of June, we'll be bringing you a host of new events. From partnering with the virtual interactive expo, CogX to a special webinar with social media network, Facebook, we're hoping to keep you entertained, informed and encouraged from the safety of your homes. 
The coronavirus crisis has turned all of our lives upside down, and our wellbeing, work, finances and home lives have all been impacted. All of these are interlinked and the strain on any one of these areas will impact the others. None of us knows how long this situation will continue for, and as a mutual, Nationwide, the UK's second-largest mortgage lender, has a duty to make a difference.
Join us on 11th June at 7pm (BST) where we'll be talking all about 'Building Resilience - Life after Covid-19' with Nationwide. This free webinar will help us all improve our knowledge of finances, the property market, the economy and inform us on how our careers will be impacted, with Nationwide experts Pariss Sloan and Troy Bryan. Along with a panel discussion, there'll also be a Q&A session for our members to ask the experts at Nationwide any questions they might have. Don't miss out on this great event, make sure you sign up. 
Wondering what other events we have in store?
We've got a special event in collaboration with Facebook coming up! On 4th June, we'll be hosting an exclusive webinar tailored to Recruitment Professionals who are looking to shape the future of their workforce by attracting and securing the best talent around. This is an event for recruiters but all HR professionals are urged to sign up and anyone who is interested in diversity and inclusion. You can sign up for your free spot here.
We're hosting a special event with Google to attract computer science grads to an exciting program. Google presents: The Inside Look is a program designed to bring together computer science students from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to connect virtually over their passion for tech and a desire to learn more about life in a tech role at Google. The deadline to register is June 1st so don't miss out, sign up here now. 
We're also partnering with CogX, for their Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI and Breakthrough Technology. From June 8th to 10th, CogX is going virtual with 600+ speakers across 18 topic stages. This is an incredible opportunity for our network to learn from renowned global leaders from across the globe. Secure your free attendance (usually £295) here.  
As always, stay safe,
What's Been Happening At BYP?
Wondering what's been going on at BYP over the past week?
Every week, we're sharing our new members, posts, jobs, comms and events for you to check out. To get access to all of these great opportunities, you'll need to log in or sign up as a new user.
Spotlight Members Of The Week
Each week, we're showcasing five new members in our network who you should be connecting with.
Desmond Timberlake Jr. is a North Carolina-based graduate who is currently seeking a mentor. Do you want to help a recent graduate? If so, make that connection!
Floriane Fidegnon-Edoh is a London-based student who is both offering mentorship and seeking mentoring.
David Elikwu is a London-based experienced hire and BAME/Black network leader, looking for both mentorship and mentees.
André Hebron is a recent Economics graduate of The University of Leicester who is currently based in London. Do you have extensive experience in legal services? If so, André is looking for a mentor.
Tunji Ajekigbe is a London-based experienced hire. Working in the Oil and Energy industry, Tunji is offering mentorship and also seeking mentorship.
New Opportunities 
Boma Wokoma is a copywriter who also helps entrepreneurs, SMEs and large businesses increase their ROI. If you're looking to discuss your content planning strategy or you want to generally talk about content, get in touch with Boma.
Anthony Onwuzurike is a technology project consultant. who is passionate about connecting and networking with his fellow Igbo men and women across the diaspora. He has started up Igbos United in Diaspora, with the aim of educating others, building a strong network and working to benefit the Igbo community in Nigeria and across the globe. Do you want to connect? Get in touch via Anthony's post.  
Spotlight on Accenture and Facebook + New Roles at Made Tech and Getting On Board
We have a host of brand new roles on our job board at some of the UK's leading organisations. Whether you're looking for a remote-working temp role during the lockdown, seeking a graduate traineeship or want a change of career, our job board has everything you need.
This week we're shining a spotlight on roles at Accenture. Accenture is hiring across the whole of the UK for a host of graduate programmes, so if you've recently graduated, make sure you take a look:
Software Engineering Graduate Programme (Manchester)
Client Delivery Graduate Programme (Edinburgh)
Accenture Software Engineering Graduate Programme (Newcastle)
CCure Application Engineer (London)
Visual Designer (London)
We're also shining a spotlight on Facebook. The social media network are currently hiring for the following:
Made Tech is hiring for its 12-week programme, The Made Tech Academy. For those who want to start a career in software engineering or have been learning to code but haven't had the opportunity to gain any commercial experience working within the tech industry, get applying for this. The deadline is 30th June 2020!
Getting On Board is a national charity which supports individuals to join charity boards and charities to recruit trustees effectively. They work with the likes of King's College London, Allen & Overy and other charities. Getting On Board is currently looking for new trustees to add to their own board. If you're looking to make a difference, consider applying for this opportunity.
Have The Confidence To Start Your New Project
Tonte Bo Douglas
Feeling inspired to start up your own project whilst in lockdown? In this blog, our blog writer, Tonte Bo Douglas breaks down some of the wisdom from the inspirational entrepreneurs, including Celebrity Manicurist, Roxanne Campbell and TRIM-IT CEO, Darren Tenkorang, on our Confidence Is A Mindset Panel from last year's BYP Leadership Conference.
Confidence is all about being able to adapt to last minute surprises. In this period of COVID-19 and quarantine, the importance of being able to adapt is key for all of us. We don’t know how long this lockdown period is going to end and when we look at the harsh reality of the situation, we don’t know if things will ever be the same.
Read More
Want to Help Rebuild the Next Black Wall Street? Support Urpriority's Crowdfund
BYP Member, Natasha Henry has launched a campaign with the aim of funding one of her long term goals of empowering fellow business owners. Want to be a part of it?

Urpriority seeks to rebuild the 'next black Wall Street' and help black business owners improve their financial literacy, maximise their business potential and build the generational wealth that we as a community so richly deserve.
Help support the campaign and you'll receive a range of generous perks including 30% bookkeeping services for an entire year. Let's come together and reclaim our financial power.
Support Here

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