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Being Productive vs. Being Busy


Why you should focus on being productive than being busy

In our current culture, we are constantly told to be ambitious. Whether it’s working on your side hustle or aiming to get a promotion, we are so good at saying we are busy that do we actually take a step back to see what we are actually doing? Have you ever found yourself scrambling to meet deadlines? Do you feel overwhelmed when you have so much on your plate? Or are you a whiz at being productive?

The truth is, there’s a difference between being busy and being productive:

Being busy all the time means:

 Spending the whole day on one task and not giving yourself a deadline
 Working around the clock with very little breaks in between tasks
 A messy work desk and spending unnecessary time rummaging through piles of paper just to find a stapler
 Having a never-ending to-do list that keeps expanding with no room for prioritizing what matters the most
 Multitasking on various projects with a lack of focus due to so many things going on
 Saying yes to everything and taking on more than what you can do
 Not planning your days and just working with no deadlines or tasks
 Not stimulating your mind and learning new things
 You have no time to think about how approach tasks strategically
 Spending at of time on things that don’t matter
 Not having time to help others
 Being stressed out all the time constantly thinking about work and not resting your mind
 Always feeling drained and exhausted
 Considering busyness as a way of life

Being productive means:

 Working smarter not harder: breaking down the day with tasks and time limits. For example: responding to emails, going to the gym, meeting up with friends and baking a cake.
 Being proactive: planning ahead, prioritizing tasks, building a routine, learning from mistakes and building-up skills.
 Turning off the notifications on your phone to be able to focus on the task at hand
 Writing down fresh ideas as they come to mind 
 Changing up your working environment, e.g. working at a library or café
 Taking breaks to make a cup of tea or to simply get fresh air
 Not saying yes to everything and only taking on what you can
 Feeling excited about taking on new opportunities
 Being selective with the use of time and resources
 Making the most of your time and feeling good in the process
 Being motivated and motivating others around you
 Rewarding yourself after a long day of hard work

It’s important to have a work-life balance. Life is too short to be stressed and unproductive. Once you find the balance, everything will flow smoothly and you will produce quality over quantity.


About The Author:

Desola Adeniyi is a Nigerian digital content creator who loves a great bargain.  

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