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Hey BYP Network,
Having recently watched Michelle Obama's Netflix documentary Becoming, there have been some learnings I've been taking from her wise words. One thing that has stood out to me is Michelle's comment on attending the G7 summit. Having attended the biggest meeting in the world, she came to the realisation that those who were holding the most important conversations weren't actually more intelligent than her. She noticed anyone could be there but the main factor in making certain people the most important in the room was actually confidence. The truth is, as a community, we can move into the highest echelons of society and become leaders if we have the mindset to do so. Despite coronavirus exposing the fact that a large percentage of us are in roles the government sees as disposable, we have so much greatness within and this is the time to realise it more than ever.
With the current pandemic and Prime Minister Boris Johnson's recent words on easing the lockdown, thinking about our community has never been more vital. In my eyes, we need to triple think about going out and being in large gatherings, regardless of what Boris Johnson says (or doesn't say). Before we might not have cared about the jobs we held. The focus was on earning, ensuring we had enough to keep our houses running, food in our fridge and our bills paid. However, COVID-19 has shown us what society thinks about the roles we go for. The jobs that a large percentage of our community hold have been described as low-skilled, a view which is unfair considering it is our parents who are risking their lives. It's a reminder of the treatment of the Windrush generation, most of whom did not have their degrees recognised, were subjected to institutional racism and did not have top jobs handed to them. Our focus needs to be on our generation reaching for leadership positions across all industries. We have immense economic and societal power and we need to start using it now.
With lockdown easing, what do we need to start thinking about? With people going back to work over the coming months and life returning to a new normal, what can we do to ensure we don't end up in this same situation again? Michelle Obama did reach those high echelons, in some part helped by her President husband but mainly by becoming an icon in her own right. She went out and did talks, introduced her own seat at the table and despite criticism, kept going. We too can continue to have aspirations on reaching the biggest heights we can set our sights on. This is about more than ourselves, this is about representation and creating space for the next generation. Maybe then, we can truly envision the future we deserve to have and we won't be left behind. Things are not going to get easier, but it's vital that we lean on each other and empower and support our community to rise up.
Thanks to our community, we managed to raise £11,633 and have provided 32 people with the financial support they needed to stay safe and out of risk. Please continue to donate as every £250 goes to a key worker. We're also asking our members to support the Ubele Initiative on calling for the government to launch an independent public inquiry into the BAME death risk - you can sign the petition here. Let's continue to establish strong networks and empower and encourage each other. If you haven't yet downloaded our app, you can do so here and start building your own network.
Stay safe, look out for each other and start planning for the future.
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