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The BYP App Is Back
Hey BYP Network,
Two months ago, we shared a newsletter in which we talked about controlling the uncontrollable. Back then, coronavirus was slowly but surely on the rise and here in the UK, we didn't know what was going to happen. Today, with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson rumoured to announce easing lockdown measures starting from Monday, it looks like we've come full circle again. We still don't know what to expect and we still don't know what we're dealing with. Many of us feel justifiably nervous about what these new changes will mean, particularly when our community is four times more likely to die from coronavirus than our white counterparts. With the uncertainty of the easing of lockdown measures, It's important for us to continue to take necessary precautions, keep safe and stay connected with one another.
Around this same time two months ago, we also announced our own lockdown: we made the decision to turn off our app for six weeks whilst we worked on getting it to the standard we wanted it to be and ensuring it reflected the quality we wanted BYP Network to provide to its members. We'd like to thank you for your patience during this time and we're excited to share, after having scaled back the platform, our app is back and better. It's been a very long and technical journey for us so it brings us immense pride to be able to bring you a new and updated version and to be confident in letting you know that this won't happen again.
We're looking forward to welcoming you all back and we hope you're as excited as us to get back on board. All previous users will need to delete the old app and download the new one, which includes re-registering, but if you're a new user, you can download the app as normal. 
Stay safe,
Lendoe presents: Going Digital Taking Your Products & Services Online
On 14th May, our founder and CEO, Kike Oniwinde, will be talking on Lendoe's 90-minute webinar all about 'going digital'. In this online panel event, Kike will share her advice on taking your small business online.
Alongside entrepreneurs Bejay Mulenga (Supa Talent), Simon Morris (COAL) and William Adoasi (Vitae London), Kike will be offering her expertise. Whether you're an online business seeking to boost sales or you're on the high street but want to move online, this event is a must-attend. The event is free but we ask for a £2.50 donation, with all proceeds of the event will go towards free school meals for vulnerable children.
We Need Answers: Support Call for Public Inquiry Into BAME Death Risk
With the lack of response to an investigation into the disproportionate deaths from COVID-19 amongst Britons from minority backgrounds, we are supporting the call for an independent public inquiry.
Over 70 people have signed a letter calling on the government to launch an independent inquiry, including our CEO and founder, Kike Oniwinde. We encourage you to sign this letter and show your support for the campaign by engaging in the conversation online - using the hashtag #WeNeedAnswers.
Let's protect our community and ourselves.
Want to Help Rebuild the Next Black Wall Street? Support Urpriority's Crowdfund
BYP Member, Natasha Henry has launched a campaign with the aim of funding one of her long term goals of empowering fellow business owners. 
Urpriority seeks to rebuild the 'next black Wall Street' and help black business owners improve their financial literacy, maximise their business potential and build the generational wealth that we as a community so richly deserve.
Help support the campaign and you'll receive a range of generous perks including 30% bookkeeping services for an entire year. Let's come together and reclaim our financial power.
No Signal and NS10V10: The Impact of Creating Your Own Opportunities
If you've been on social media for the past couple of weeks, you'll have heard of radio station No Signal's NS10V10, in which two artists' top ten tracks are pitted against each other with the community voting on their favourite. Tune in tonight at 9pm!

At BYP we've been proud to be the official sponsors of NS10V10 in their efforts to support black-owned platforms and to help them continue their exciting broadcasts to the masses, entertaining us all whilst in lockdown. Our guest writer, Tonte Bo Douglas written this piece about the power of No Signal and the impact of creating your own opportunities.


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