No Signal and NS10V10: The Impact Of Creating Your Own Opportunities | Tonte Bo Douglas

In this time that we’ve all been inside the house due to the COVID 19 quarantine, the need to fill our time has been key. Many of us have been doing the best we can to keep our spirits up doing various things from working out, to starting new projects (including projects that we’ve been putting off), to generally resting and taking some time out for our well being. 

BYP Network have been strong advocates of providing value to the community during this lockdown period and despite the current climate, has still been making the most of all opportunities to support black professionals in several areas. The need for entertainment has been stronger than ever during this period as well, with many content creators experiencing a boost in views and eyes as people look to fill their time with something enjoyable and light-hearted to take their minds off the seriousness which the pandemic has caused.

One initiative that many have started is the music sound clashes - where people (and artists and producers in many instances) have been playing songs against each other for the fun and the engagement of the audience who are enjoying the listen. Over the course of this quarantine, these clashes have brought people together in a major way and one platform decided to take this to the next level with No Signal Radio and the dynamic NS10v10 gameshow. In this particular game show, two representatives play 10 tracks of their represented artists and the listeners vote on social media for the winner. This has proved to be extremely exciting with previous clashes such as Nelly vs Ludacris, J Hus vs Kojo Funds, N-Dubz vs WSTRN, Usher vs Chris Brown and notably Burna Boy vs Popcaan and Wizkid vs Vybz Kartel. Throughout their time broadcasting they have gained extreme traction on social media as through their high levels of community interaction and engagement, they have amassed over 74,000 followers on Twitter and attracted attention from BET as well as several artists (including Burna Boy himself).

You can relisten to some of their recent shows below:




BYP Network has been proud to be official sponsors of NS10v10 in their efforts to support black-owned platforms and to help them continue offering their exciting broadcasts to the masses and providing entertainment and opportunities to those associated with the platform. BYP Network is all about creating your own opportunities and changing the status quo when it comes to black representation and what No Signal has been doing is a perfect example of black representation at its purest. 

What we can take away from No Signal’s huge success is the importance of creating your own platforms. They took the format of what has been done during this time with the music clashes, saw the opportunity and took it to the next level and, as a result, have provided opportunities for several people and artists in terms of expanding their reach and getting themselves seen by a wider audience. This initiative has taken them to the heights of partnerships with Spotify as they have seen the value in No Signal’s offerings.

It definitely looks as if No Signal have come along at the perfect time and met the needs of the audience in terms of entertainment value, format and accessibility. One issue that many of us find is that the door seems to be closed when it comes to certain opportunities that we are after, however, No Signal is showing that we can create our own doors and build our own houses. Their appeal to the black audience has been justified by their growing numbers and reach and is an example to many of the media outlets out there of why the black demographic is one which should not be ignored when it comes to a social and cultural perspective. The platform is unashamedly black and with their decision to embrace this, the sky's the limit for what they can achieve when it comes to tapping into and shaping the black experience.

You can check out the No Signal platform at  

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