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Here at BYP, we stand by the ethos of changing the narrative to ensure that we as a community are protected, represented and respected. The COVID-19 crisis, however, has shown me that this is proving harder to achieve. Over the past weeks, we've seen damning evidence to show just how much the black community has been affected. From the disproportionate number of black NHS and key workers dying and lack of government support from pay to PPE to biased media reporting; Grazia's whitewashing cover and the appalling Telegraph article from Chief Executive of Civitas, David Green who stated that campaigners were 'twisting BAME COVID data to further their victimhood agenda'. Diversity and Inclusion have gone on the backburner of policies despite our community being the most affected, and even government support packages such as the Future Fund, are continuing to leave black entrepreneurs and business owners shortchanged.
It's tiring to try and even prove how much COVID-19 is affecting us as a community, and yet when we do finally have the tools and statistics to back up what we know as fact, we're seen as 'victims'. The relentless stream of scrutiny and racism has genuinely been mentally exhausting. I feel fortunate that my family are well, I have my health and BYP is operating as well as it can, but the vitriol over this period and the constant feel of being gaslit, sidelined and marginalised has had an impact on me. At the start, I watched the news often but right now, I've stopped. For my own mental health. I'm trying to remember that as much as I want to protect my community, it's also vital to step away and not take everything on.
This issue is bigger than me and it's bigger than you. So many of us feel powerless or wonder how much of it we can take. Whilst the elite are sitting in their countryside homes, working remotely and earning their bonuses (this doesn't exclude black professionals), our community is being affected, whether on the frontline or watching the news from home. When this is all said and done, we can't roll over and accept the cards we've been dealt. It's why we're supporting the Ubele Initiative in calling for an independent public inquiry to investigate how and why BAME communities have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. We encourage you to sign the petition and show your support for the campaign by engaging in the conversation online - using the hashtag #WeNeedAnswers. Let's protect our community and ourselves.
Wondering where you can get support?
Are you a founder or business owner? If so, we've teamed up with ThisIsYSYS and other community partners to hear about how your startup has been impacted by Covid-19. Take the short survey #SupportDiverseFounders
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Spotlight Members Of The Week
Each week, we're showcasing five members in our network who you should be connecting with.
Viviyana M is a Cardiff-based recent graduate, pharmacist and a business owner. She's also offering mentorship so get in touch and connect here.
Keziah L is a London-based recent graduate who is also offering mentorship. Connect here.
Anita C is a Cardiff-based student. An aspiring mentee, get in touch if you're able to offer mentorship.
Paula-Louise J is a London-based business owner specialising in youth development, project delivery and project management. Do you work in International Trade and Development? If so, connect with Paula here.
Kaliff W is a Kansas City-based experienced hire who has recently joined our profile. Connect here.
New Opportunities 
Analia L is a Valencia-based business travel consultant looking to help junior travel agents through Amadeus basics and Spanish lovers with Spanish conversation (her native language). Get involved and join the conversation here.
Manchester International Festival (MIF) are sharing weekly live streams of archival footage from previous festivals. Want to find out more? Connect with MIF's HR Administrator, Ebony M and check out this post to find out more.
BYP Member Events Of The Week
We have a host of fantastic members events coming up so don't miss out: make sure you check out what's on our platform. Here are our recommended top five webinars and online classes over May.
Medical Volunteers Needed at Medics2You + New Roles at Hays, Depop and DigiTech
Medics2You is a UK-based MedTech company offering medical services to people, businesses and healthcare providers. Medics2You are seeking medical doctors, senior pharmacists, senior nurses, mental health professionals and senior medical students to support the COVID-19 Relief Project to ensure vulnerable groups in our communities have access to health advice.
Sign up to volunteer here.
We're feeling incredibly grateful to our community who have raised over £11,000 for our BYP fund for our at-risk black key workers. Having donated over £7,250 in grants, we're still processing funds for households which have family members risking their lives to work due to financial insecurities. This fund will continue to support key workers in the black community who are immunocompromised, chronically ill, asthmatic, elderly or posing a risk to others within their households. If you are in need of temporary financial relief, make sure to apply here.
Depop is currently on the lookout for a host of candidates for the following roles: 
DigiTech is on the lookout for a Java Developer to join its expanding team. This is a great opportunity to work with a globally recognised name in the retail sector, so if you have experience in Java, make sure you apply.
Hays Recruitment is currently seeking a Planning Consultant to place at a local authority based in Hertfordshire. Do you have substantial knowledge of British Planning systems? If so, this might be your next career move.
5 Steps To Launching And Growing Your Online Busines Webinar Catch-Up
Last Thursday, we hosted an online webinar with our founder and CEO, Kike Oniwinde, in which Kike discussed her five essential steps for growing and launching an online business
Speaking from her own experience with BYP, Kike talked about idea generation and research, how to register and set up a company to the power of social media, branding, sales and marketing.
Kike has shared her learnings from the session in this fantastic piece, which is full of great takeaways for starting your own venture, whatever it may be.
Read Here
The Soul Purpose Campaign: Join Us On May 22nd!
We Are Soul is a fantastic platform for creatives to engage and connect through both music and art.
We're delighted to be sponsoring We Are Soul on The Soul Purpose Campaign. There will be a documentary screening and podcasts with our founder and CEO Kike Oniwinde, Creative Director and Fashion Consultant, Misi Africa and Cweens Nigeria, an NGO dedicated to empowering women and girls and protecting their rights.
The goal of the campaign is to start new conversations and increase awareness towards their goal for social justice and positive change. Be a part of it.
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