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This week's BYP Blog is a guest article from Desola Adeniyi, a Nigerian digital creator who loves a great bargain.

5 Things Coronavirus Has Taught Me

Coronavirus has caused a massive, global pandemic leading to mandatory closure of schools, shops and cancelled flights. The NHS is under immense pressure with hundreds of deaths every day. Everyone has been affected by coronavirus one way or another and has changed our daily lives. Now that we've been on lockdown for the past couple of weeks, I've used this time to reflect and catch up on all the things that I've been putting off.

Here are several life lessons I've learnt during the quarantine period:


Lockdown has made me appreciate my family more
On a typical weekday, I would spend the majority of my time at work and by the evening I would often be so tired that all I'd want is downtime. However, now that I'm with my family every single day, 24/7, it's made me appreciate them, take care of them and have bonding time.


Don’t take life for granted
With the number of deaths rising every day and the NHS bursting at the seams with COVID-19 patients, it makes me realise how precious life is and how much we take things for granted. Yes, it is difficult being cooped up at home and not being able to go out freely due to restrictions but it’s 100% better than being in a hospital bed with no loved ones around and the only companion you’ve got is the oxygen tank that is keeping you breathing.


Have multiple streams of income
Up to two million people have lost their jobs while over 140,000 companies applied for the furlough scheme for their employees. This has put a massive strain on finances and families all across the UK. No one could have planned for coronavirus and was 100% unexpected. This has taught me that anything can happen at any time so having multiple streams of income e.g e-commerce business, passive income, investments and savings will go a long way during tough times.


Don't be so judgemental
There has been a lot of debate over non-essentials and essentials shopping especially on social media where people have been going out to buy garden furniture rather than basic foods like eggs and milk. The government states that we should only go out for essentials which is true however some families may need things like wallpaper to do up the spare bedroom or may have a child with special needs who loves to colour and getting arts and crafts will help them settle down. What may be essential to you may not be essential to others so don't judge.


Enjoy life to the fullest
Once the lockdown has been lifted, the whole of the UK will flock to their local pubs, get their much-needed haircut and go to the park with the kids. This will be the perfect opportunity to live life to the fullest, to go out more and meet new people, explore the world around you and live with no regrets. Please keep safe and let’s be kind to each other during this challenging time.


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Desola Adeniyi is a Nigerian digital content creator who loves a great bargain.  

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