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Britain would not be where it is today without the contribution and efforts of black people. From fighting in Britain's wars and transforming Britain's post-war economy to producing some of the UK's greatest politicians, innovators and creators, black Britons have changed the country for the better. Since its inception, black people have also been at the forefront of the NHS - caring for countless patients and transforming the healthcare system. Over time, we've seen these contributions of black British people go unnoticed. From black soldiers being left out of war commemorations to the Windrush generation who helped to restore a post-war Britain being deported, it's up to us to ensure that our efforts are not silenced or eroded.
Whilst we've seen the government offer £60,000 to workers' families who have been affected by the coronavirus, we're still continuing to see the black community disadvantaged, ignored or maligned. Recently, Grazia Magazine published a range of magazine covers for its latest 'From The Frontline' edition. To see female NHS workers celebrated was great but their inability to recognise and appreciate black female front-liners left us feeling cold. This week, we've seen countless influencers receive backlash over past colourist tweets and this magazine cover doesn't help. As you know, we were hit with the damning statistics of the disproportionate amount of black and ethnic minority NHS and key workers who have died from COVID-19. To see a front cover feature with not one black medical professional has proven not only disappointing but also contradictory to the message that Grazia seems to be serving. Having shared this on our Instagram, we've had countless comments from our community who have been cared for primarily by black NHS workers, seen the constant lack of representation and are tired of the blatant disregard. The time has come for us to speak up. We can't let history be rewritten and our stories be ignored. If you feel as strong as we do, we encourage you to contact Grazia to share why this lack of black representation needs to be addressed. Use the power of social media for good: you can tweet Grazia too. There is power in numbers, and we want to ensure that we're using our position to no longer tolerate this kind of whitewashing. 
On our side, we're continuing to raise funds for our black at-risk key workers. We've smashed our £10,000 target thanks to our fantastic community and we've been able to give out four grants to the value of £2,000 so far to those who have been affected. With over £8,000 in the pot, we are currently processing many more and we hope to continue helping those who are in need of support. We're also excited to share that Medics2You, a UK-based MedTech company offering medical services to those who are most in need will be offering our members free healthcare advice. If you are seeking medical advice, sign up to BYP Network and you will be able to receive both free consultation and the opportunity to speak to a GP. Medics2You are also looking for volunteers, so if you have medical experience or work in healthcare, head down to our job board posts below to find out more. Strength lies in community and together we can empower each other.
It's time for us to speak up and ensure we're heard,
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Abdul-Aziz G is a Toronto-based BAME/Black Network leader who has recently joined our network.
Boma W is a London-based freelancer specialising in copywriting, teaching and acting. 
Renny F is a UK-based Software Engineer and recent graduate.
Tiegisty E is a London-based Block Property Manager. 
Yaw A is a Milton Keynes-based engineering graduate who is offering services as a mentor.
New Opportunities 
Ebony M is a HR Administrator at Manchester International Festival. During the lockdown, MIF is inviting Manchester artists to create their own micro-festivals in their homes. Want to watch? Find out more information here.
Oyinkasola A has shared that her organisation, Niyo Enterprise has partnered with Coding Black Females to put on a free six-month coding boot camp programme. Check it out here.
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Spotlight Role:
Medical Volunteers Needed at Medics2You
This week, our spotlight is on Medics2You. This UK based MedTech company offering medical services to people, businesses and healthcare providers. At present, Medics2You are seeking medical doctors, senior pharmacists, senior nurses, mental health professionals and senior medical students to support the COVID-19 Relief Project to ensure vulnerable groups in our communities have access to health advice. Sign up to volunteer here.
Having reached our target of £10,000, we are still raising funds for households which have family members risking their lives to work due to financial insecurities. This fund will support key workers in the black community who are immunocompromised, chronically ill, asthmatic, elderly or posing a risk to others within their households. If you are in need of temporary financial relief, apply here.
Do you have experience in clinical or counselling psychology? Cygnet Hospital Beckton in East London is looking for a Clinical / Counselling Psychologist to join their team. If you're passionate about helping women with complex mental health needs, consider applying for this role.
The COVID-19 pandemic is placing exceptional pressure on the NHS and medical colleagues need help and support more than ever. At this time, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is looking for Bedside Buddies and Ward Helpers to join their teams.
Join Our 5 Steps To Launching And Growing Your Online Busines Webinar
Our founder and CEO, Kike Oniwinde, is hosting a webinar tomorrow all about how to grow and launch your own online business.
Whether you want to start a side hustle, find a way to diversify your streams of income or just want to get a business idea off the ground, Kike will be sharing my five steps for growing and launching a business.
For this webinar, we ask for a donation of £10-£20. All funds raised will go to our £10,000 fund for our at-risk black key workers. Anyone who has already donated will receive an email invite to the event. For those who cannot afford the fee, this webinar is free.
Register Here
Instagram Live Catch Up Blog: Talking Strategy & Innovation with Daniella Genas 
Last week, we hosted an Insta Live session with award-winning Strategy & Innovation expert, Daniella Genas, in which Daniella discussed why strategic thinking and innovation are crucial for businesses to flourish in a post-COVID-19 world.
Didn't manage to tune in? Don't worry if you weren't able to attend, you can still catch up on our blog.
We're shared Daniella's three learnings from the fundamentals of strategy and innovation, and why some of the greatest ideas are born out of chaos to the importance of slowing down and being easy on yourself. Give it a read and see what you learn!
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