This month, we're back to showcasing our monthly book picks. For January, we've selected the utterly brilliant The Clapback, written by Elijah Lawal, PR manager at Google.


Ever been told 'all lives matter'?

Ever been confused for another black person in the workplace, despite the fact neither you look anything alike?

Ever been expected to be able to do or not do something just because you're black?


The Clapback is here to help you call out stereotypes, dispel myths and shut down any prejudice instantly. And more importantly, how to overcome them.

The Clapback takes you on a journey through identity, sport, policing, sex, food, work, targeting, drugs, dance, dating, immigration and language - and how racism and prejudice pervades all of these areas. Written by Elijah Lawal, a PR manager at Google, The Clapback is an in-depth exploration into the evolution of negative stereotypes towards the black community and looks into the history of these, offering an eye-opening and refreshing look at race and language.

With the conversation on race in the UK never more timely, Lawal investigates how far we've actually come as a society when it comes to racial awareness, why the negative rhetoric surrounding people of colour, and predominantly black people is more harmful than face surface, and how we can work towards breaking down a system that prevents progress and inflicts hurt.

Lawal's writing isn't patronising nor is it too wordy - he gets straight to the point on the root causes that have created the unequal system in which we live. With enthusiastic zeal and a little humour, Lawal takes on the most challenging of topics, getting to the core of each problem, whilst weaving in his own experiences.


For fans of Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race and Natives, this is a must-read.


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