This week, resident blogger Dami Fawehinmi interviews wardrobe stylist, content creator and model LaLa Love. LaLa’s work has been used to explore body positivity, self-love and individuality through art, social media and TV such as with her amazing host role of Channel 4’s ‘Naked Beach’. It is wonderful to meet new creatives and understand what made them who they are and how they continue to build and explore the creative industries, so when Dami had the absolute pleasure meeting LaLa for a photoshoot a few months ago, she was absolutely blown away by her bubbly personality, love of pink and creative flair. Dami knew she had to interview her and share her story with everyone.

Tell us about your journey.
It's a long story... but to summarise, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and OCD. And I've been fighting for my sanity since 2012. I have used tools like spirituality, detoxing, and self-love as my armour. And so far, I'm winning the war. 


What advice would you give to your younger self?
You're allowed to play with barbies until you're 12. 

What do you believe will drive change in the Black community?
Transparency, genuine support, and leading by example. Without those key things our community is doomed.

How did you get into styling?
I always wanted to be a fashion designer, especially after falling in love with clothing by Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson,  etc. But I realised how important it is to know how to style, so I decided to perfect my skills in styling first. Then one day I'll conquer the design world. 

Why the colour pink?
Because she chose me. She told me that she was my saviour, and that she could bring me out of the darkness. And she kept her promise.


What is your biggest failure?
Not trusting my abilities sooner. 

What is your biggest success?
Buying my mum a new luxury sofa. And surviving PTSD.


What three pieces of advice would you give young black creatives?
Read, don't give up, and save your money. Knowledge is power. Learn everything within your chosen field, including your history. Giving up is easy, and it lets all of your previous hard work go to waste. The moment before you give up is usually when you're almost there. Keep going! Also, you deserve a holiday (which costs money), because being a creative is stressful, especially if your skin is Black. Self- care is very necessary. 

How do you seek out opportunities relating to your field?
My connections AKA friends and Instagram. In this industry it's about who you know, and how you promote your brand or business. 

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?
2020 is an angel number. So, I know something major is coming.

Would you like to add anything? 
Racism is still alive. Colourism is pathetic. Fat people are human. Disabled doesn't equal unfashionable. Being bisexual doesn't mean that you're greedy. And focus on improving your self love, because in this world you will definitely need it to survive.


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