In this week's BYP blog, resident blogger Dami Fawehinmi interviewed multitalented artist Kay Davis. Kay’s work amplifies Black womXn’s voices by providing a multitude of forms of representation through her art. Our favourite, #TheFruitAtHome, presents a variety of beautiful complexions and powerful hairstyles. Spreading her message at Black Girl Fest and her own pages, we cant wait to see what Kay does next! Her work is an inspiration for the next generation of Black girls to create, grow unapologetically and be their best selves.


Tell us about your journey 

I’m a multidisciplinary artist based in London. Between art, textiles and hairdressing, my journey has many roots but it’s core is the intention of empowering black girls and women. 


What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Don’t underestimate your blessings and self-sabotage them. It’s just as important that you believe that you are deserving of the things you pray for. 


What do you believe will drive change in the Black community? 

Collectively we are strong and that’s always something to remember. I feel that curating the opportunities we would like to see and being a part of rather than waiting to get through doors occupied by another race will drive change. Doors close often but the truth is people need us more than we need them. 


What is your biggest failure? 

Honestly, none come to mind. I try not to dwell. Every loss has turned out to be a valuable lesson and it’s character building. 


What is your biggest success? 

Inspiring others to feed their curiosity has been the biggest blessing. Community is everything and you never know the impact you can have on others just by being brave enough to share your thoughts. 


What three pieces of advice would you give young black professionals? 

1) Use what you have and be resourceful.

 2) Prepare for the opportunities you pray for. 

3) People will remember how you make them feel. 


How do you seek out opportunities relating to your field? 

Being proactive and documenting the process is so important to me. Whenever I’ve tried to seek opportunity, doors rarely get answered. However, when I’m focussed on creating for myself, the right energy starts to gravitate in my direction. It helps that when found, I have a catalogue of quality content to support me. 


Do you have any exciting plans for the future? 

I’ve recently released a project called ‘The Fruit at Home’ which explores a range of fruits and characters that celebrates how diverse and unique we are as black people. I’m currently witnessing this evolve into products that serve great purpose so stay tuned. 


Would you like to add anything? 

Yes, thank you for taking the time to read this. The support is appreciated. You can keep up to date with me via the links below. Instagram/ Twitter - @kaydavisartist 

Much love!


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