BYP Is All About Empowerment

BYP has been all about empowering black people to be leaders, however it’s not always about what we give to others or what we are able to help others to manage with other people's lives, we need to be able to give to ourselves and manage our own lives as well. And what better way to start than our finances? 

On Wednesday 26th February 2020, BYP ran the ‘Maximise Your Money’ finance event - an event all about the best practices, apps, techniques and mindsets for making the most of your money and income.


There Were An Array Of Speakers Covering Different Areas

The event featured 4 speakers: Osei Downes - Head Of Growth from Stepladder UK, Abiodun Coker - Founder Of Fruition Consultants, Mary Agbesanwa - Management Consultant at PwC and Emmanuel Asuquo - Qualified Financial Advisor who featured on the channel 4 finance show “Save Well, Spend Better”. 


The Atmosphere In The Room Could Be Felt

As I came into the room and saw all the people in there, I could definitely feel the anticipation in the air. There were around 80 people in the room and the fact that a majority of them were going to a BYP event for the first time highlights the strong community and pulling power that the brand has been generating with the people over the years. They knew they were going to get something of quality and they certainly got quality.


A Lot Of Networking Was Done

As everyone got up and started to mingle with each other, the energy of the room shifted even further as you went from seeing people just talking to who they came with, to seeing people laughing, shaking hands and engaging in deep conversations with people that they had never met before and it was apparent that new connections were being formed on the night.  


The Speakers All Delivered

What I particularly enjoyed about each of the 4 speakers at the event was the way that they relayed all their ideas and information in a way that was accessible and relatable to all of us in the crowd. With topics such as tax, property, fintech etc you can end up hearing information that can be overly technical and full of jargon to the point that it goes over everyone's heads. Each speaker delivered their presentations in a way that we could all understand and fully grasp what they were saying, which I personally appreciated. It was truly information for us, by us.

From Osei’s detailed insight of the best practices to getting on the property ladder, from Abiodun’s clear breakdown of the different kind of taxes we can experience, to Mary’s passionate explanation of the different kinds of apps we can use to manage our money, to Emmanuel’s electric talk about the mindset we need to maximise our money through focusing on our value, they all covered different parts of the topic of finances, but they all combined to contribute to the bigger picture of what the event was about. They all played their part to make the event entertaining, as well as informative and loaded with gems.


Everyone Left With Something

From my own experience in talking to people after the event, it was clear that everyone had taken away something of value - whether it was inspiration, connections or practical information which they can take away and implement in their everyday lives. We all left empowered with the idea that it's about what we do next that is truly important.



Going From Strength To Strength

There is no denying that BYP has been going from strength to strength with every event and this event really showcased what BYP is all about - giving people the tools and the platforms to improve, be better and live a more enriched life. 

The events coming up later this year are undoubtedly going to be packed with more insights and also more opportunities to meet like minded people so be sure that you don’t miss out on any of them.


Writer: Tonte Bo Douglas

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