So You've Achieved Your Dream Job. Now What? | Carl Konadu

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This week, we're sharing thoughts from Carl Konadu, motivational speaker. He talked about purpose and how the work that we do goes beyond just our job or careers. How our purpose is what drives us to do the type of work that enriches other people's lives and can create impact and ultimately a legacy for future generations. 

Leadership as a whole, is all about who you are, because who you are, produces what you do. The issue is that in life we are told the opposite, to operate from the outside in i.e what car you drive or what material possessions you have being more important than anything else. 


The jobs that we have are another thing which we use to hold weight over who we are in our lives. We work and work in order to achieve and climb the career ladder of success. As many professionals aim for advancements, many eventually end up finally achieving the dream jobs that they have been working towards. From the journeys that many of us have been on, it’s already a given that we will advance up those ladders and achieve those job titles. However, when that is all said and done, what will your legacy be?


When you finally get that dream job or that dream career, what next?


Carl Konadu asks us all to answer the following questions when it comes to our lives: What do you want to be known for? What is your biggest achievement? What is one thing you've done for future generations?


We will undoubtedly have many different and positive responses to these questions. However Carl wants us to take it one step further and  to think bigger about our lives and ask ourselves - why are we here?


 You can have the best jobs or careers possible, however ultimately your legacy will be defined by who you have enriched, who you have encouraged, who you have helped to improve their life for the better. This is the meaning of true purpose and it goes beyond the external. It’s all about the internal. No matter where you are in the world, your purpose is what allows you to create work that has a true impact.


The reality is, in order to become true high performers and to start operating from that place of purpose, we need to start operating not from the outside in, in terms of material things and job statuses, but to start operating from the inside out - your values, your principles, your attitudes, what you stand for, your philosophy and all of that is built up in your brain and your heart. It’s a result of the books you read, the people you spend your time with.


Your life, your career, your business, the money that you earn, is only going to grow at the same rate that you do. We can’t say we want to advance if we are not investing in ourselves.There needs to be a reason why I was here. Someone’s life needs to change as a result of the work that I have put in. It’s not just about how good your Linkedin profile looks, or how well you wear your suits.


In life, we can have amazing jobs, but those jobs can be taken away from us. Our work cannot. No matter who we are or what our situation in life is, if we operate as people of value then we start our own privileges and start to hand that success over to the next generation.


You can watch Carl Konadu's full talk here:

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