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This week, we're sharing thoughts from Majid Ishaq (Managing Director of Rothschild & Sons) who featured on the Why Not Lead? Podcast and talked about what it means to grab opportunity and elevate yourself, always. 



Potential is defined as “having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future”. Majid Ishaq is someone that people can look at and say that he realised his potential, which he cites as due to work ethic, drive as well as an element of luck involved. Many times it does help when you are in the environment where there are routes for your to progress further (such as in a productive work environment), however many people aren’t lucky enough to be in one and this shouldn’t be the absolute barrier between success and a lack of it. 


What Separates People From The Rest

Majid says that if there is an opportunity out there and you don't grab it when it’s in front of you means that you are missing out on valuable openings to grow and improve. The single biggest characteristic of people that Majid has seen succeed is, drive. With your career, business, passions etc you will go as far as you are willing to drive yourself towards.

Everyone has a level of ability which is good and there are some which have exceptional ability. With that being said, the drive is what differentiates people the most. When you look at sports such as football or basketball for example, you see that many young players come into the game loaded with the ability to go to the very top, yet in 5-10 years you might only see a few which have actually made it or you might see players which were not even on the same radar in terms of ability, make it to the highest level. This is because application is a key component and this is what ultimately takes people to a different plateau to the rest.

So, how are you applying yourself? Are you taking your ability and pushing on with it so you can reach the next levels in your life? Or are you resting on your laurels?


How Are You Spotting Your Next Opportunities?

The thing about opportunities, is they are endless. There’s always something new and better for us out there if we gear our minds to think positively and to actively look out for them. No matter where we are in our lives, where we live, where we’ve gone, there are certain routes which will propel us in a direction where we can start to fully realise our potential. We just need to spot them and work towards them. But we can’t have limiting beliefs or think we are less worthy than the next person because we will always hold ourselves back from going as far as we can do.


How Are You Preparing For Your Next Big Opportunities?

Of course it’s great when the opportunities you have been working towards start coming your way, but what we all should do our best to, is continue to work and improve our skills, expertise and mindsets so when those opportunities come, we are fully ready to grasp them and maximise what we are able to do for them.

It’s the worst thing when certain opportunities come to us but we just haven’t been at the level to capitalise on them, but we can’t dwell on these things. Hard work will meet your preparation at the right time if you continue to strive towards it and with luck it will take you to that next level. How I see these things, is when you continue to be driven to apply yourself and work hard in your selected area, you make your own luck.


You can listen to the full episode with Majid Ishaq here:


Writer: Tonte Bo Douglas

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